Still Bleeding Any Suggestions

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Maree - October 19

I had my baby 15 days ago - didn't really bleed after, and the little bit of bleeding I did have was browning and, 15 days later it's heavier and bright red. Is this normal to still be bleeding 2 weeks later? When will it stop? When can I start exercising again? I am getting married in 5 1/2 weeks - I need to get back to the gym, but I don't want to make the bleeding last longer...Any suggestions?


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 19

Are you b___stfeeding? I b___stfed for about two weeks. I started bleeding a couple of days after having her and bled on and off for almost a month. My doctor said that once I stopped b___stfeeding that I probably got my period so it was nothing for me to worry about.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 19

I bled on and off, heavy and light for 3 weeks after having Lucas. Now it has been 9 weeks since he was born and still no period yet-not b___stfeeding. I would check with doc before returning to the gym. Probably not ready if still bleeding


Me - October 19

I bleed for 10 weeks, but I had a c-section. I never thought it would stop (LOL) but it did. The last few weeks it was very light though. GOODLUCK


Jbear - October 19

I bled for five weeks after my c-section. I had a week of heavy, bright red bleeding at the end which my doctor said was a period. It's better than when I had my first daughter...I had a depo shot in the hospital and bled heavily for three months.


Lissi - October 20

I was told I could expect to bleed for about 6 weeks, and that some days I would bleed more than others. It's 4 and a half weeks on, and I am still bleeding. Yesterday I didn't bleed at all and I thought it had stopped, but today it started again. I had a v____al delivery.


Amanda N - October 20

I bled for six weeks after. I was told bleeding for that long is normal.


ally - October 21

bled for around 5, normal birth


me2 - October 21

I had a c-sec, bled for five weeks, had three whole days without bleeding and then got my period for 10 days.


Toya - October 21

I bled on and off for about 5 weeks after birth...and then no period or anything until the baby was 4 months!


Jamie - October 21

I bled for 3 weeks after c-section, didn't bleed for 4 weeks, then got AF for a week



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