Still Hates Bath Time And He Is Already 3 Months

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monica - October 25

anyone else whos baby still hates bath time? any suggestions.... its so hard and I dont understand why he hates it so much. I have tried everything. Warmer water, warming up the house, warming up his towel, putting a towel on his stomach, I have tried bathing with him...seems to difficult . HELP


ally - October 26

r u testing the water temp with ur elbow, it may be too hot.. add some johnsons baby bath if u have that there, try singing or talking to them in the bath...... is all i can think of as my daughter loves it.......a sqeaky bath toy will take their mind off it, hold it in one hand as u support their head with the other, toys work for her when i dress her after her bath cause she is not big on having that done once u get past the singlet stage she cracks it and a toy works wonders, squeaky toy, good luck and hope it gets better


karine - October 26

i had the same prob. with my son, until one day i wad rushed to bath him, and i decided to put him in with his 2yrs old sister. i didnt put much water in it, but enough to cover his sides, i put him on his back, he LOVED it. and was kicking and giggling. Try it out. my son is now 2yrs and he loves his bath


BBK ® © - October 26

Of course he hates it monica. Real men like showers not baths (j/k). My daughter loves her bath time, she even splashes the water her feet looking for approval. After that she also loves the lotion session. Try a different routine of undressing him so he's not expecting it, or different bath products. Also make sure the tub is big enough for him. We got this bigger one now and she loves it even more.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 26

Maybe he is freaked out by the water or bubbles. Try getting one of those bath seats and let him sit up. I know he is still small but it will keep his head out of the water. You could also try putting his infant tub in the kitchen sink and letting it sit up and put him in there, put running water on him and see if he likes that, maybe the bathtub is just too big. I agree that bathing with them is too difficult. Good luck


monica - October 26

what kind of tubs is everyone using? my husband took a shower with him twive and he seemed to enjoy it better :) maybe he cries because I do it during his fussy sleepy time.... when all he wants to do is sleep but its suppose to be part of the routine.... I will try a different tub and toys.


BBK ® © - October 26

Told ya about the shower! We just bought the Euro bath baby bath tub to replace that measly newborn tub she outgrew! While I'm fairly sure the name "Euro" has nothing to do with the continent, it's nice and big. It even can be used till 24 months old. Here is a pic:


monica - October 26

I saw the reviews for the euro bath and it got excellent reviews. So I decided to get one. They sell them at lullaby lane a few blocks from where I live. It is a huge tub no wonder they call it a boat. Well see how tonight goes I already sat him in it and its a perfect fit. Wish me luck....


BBK ® © - October 26

Good luck! Hopefully he likes the splashing and the warm water surrounding him


KrisD - October 26

Hi Monica - My son likes bath time, but today I bathed him in the morning for the first time... And he loved it even more! Maybe you need to find the best time of day. My baby is definitely a morning person (Too bad his mother isn't). I also knock myself out with the oohs and ahhhs to try and excite him!


monica to Kris D - October 26

You know I was thinking about that. My son is always in a good mood in the morning but so fussy at night. I have been bathing him when he is already in a bad mood. BTW when does the fussy period end ?


ally - October 26

hey bbk ur in the us aren't ya? i need a bigger bath for my daughter but cant seem to find one, bought one when she outgrew the newborn one which lasted 2 mths, she is 5 mths now and needs another one again, dont have confidence to put her in the big bath yet...... are they sold here in aus the baths u are speaking of?


BBK ® © - October 27

Ally fact I think the naming "Euro" is just a prop, you can even buy them at amazon/babies r us. Check this link, and check the reviews. It's actually big, but the way it's contured it holds the baby in place and the water can be very shallow if you want it too and still cover the baby. Only downside is storing it but its hands free operation is worth it.


BBK ® © - October 27

Ally didn't realize you were posting from aus (I a__sume Australia not Austria?). The company (primo) is in the US, (New Jersey). You can email them and ask them if you can get the tub where you are: [email protected]


esrc - October 28

hey, if you try to hold him while you are bathing him it might work. that's what i have to do...actually, usually i end up just as wet as he is. he hated the bath and screamed bloody murder up until about 9 weeks...he's now 11 weeks and he tolerates it...i can not wait until he really loves it. my husband and i also sing old macdonald to him and he (as well as we) like that.


d - October 29

I read somewhre on the internet a suggestion to wash the body first and head last. I wash the body first and then dry and cover him with a towel. I put another towel on the counter and hold his head over the sink with one hand and with the other hand I'd shampoo and rinse his head and sing to him. I'd wash his face by using a warm wet towel to wipe. He cannot complain being cold because his body was dry and covered. Also, you lose most heat from your head apparently if you wash it first. I did this for the first few months because I did not want him to hate the water from being cold or being uncomfortable when water falls over your face and you feel you can't breath. Recently at 7 months I put him in the tub and he had fun splashing and sucking on toys but I noticed that I have to keep it short because he gets cold even though I keep pouring water water on his body.



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