Still I Can Only Start A Topic Not Reply I Tried EVERY

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shelly - November 17

THING! i'll write what i was "trying to write" below, yet another time. i appreciate your patience, this is sooo frustarting, but i bet this will go through. a new thread did yesterday, but replies, don't work. any one have this happen, or know why it might be happening? here is again what i tried to write to my latest thread: ______________________________________ i don't know if this will go thru. i was trying anything to get my post to come thru. i thought if i altered my name a hair that might help, maybe just my name's posts weren't going thru, (worth a shot when you're desperate), and that didn't work, except to allow me to post a new thread. it is very frustrating, cause i wanted to be on the other thread thanking people not here. it;s a new day now...i hope this goes thru or else i will have to write a new thread yet again. is it my name, my computer? i don't know what the problem is. it just says PAGE NOT FOUND. urgghh...thanks gals, lets see if this works, sh__ly


momma - November 17

is your computer otherwise fine? maybe it needs a good de-freagmenting? or a disk clean up when i have problems with my email sometimes that fixes it sometimes it might just need a reboot ot anti virus? my comp. always goes faster after deleating cookies that always gets the comp going faster. hope this helps


T. - November 17

That happened to me a while back when I was still pregnant. I couldn't figure I out so I stopped coming on this website. Then I had my baby 3 months ago and came on here for some advice and it worked fine. I don't know what fixed it, but I hope you figure it out!


maybe - November 17

I dont suppose you have been making nasty comments or rude remarks to people? Maybe you were banned from posting replies? I'm not saying you have been mean, but its just a thought.


Lisa*9 - November 17

sometimes it is caused by clickung on poor taste,if this is still a problem call you internet service provider and ask if you have a satatic IP address or if it changes my guess you have a static IP adddress like myself. The thing you need to do is unplug the modum at night time and in the morning you will recieve a new IP addressby just by plugging it in over again . It needs to be at least 5 hrs to be able to change to a new one. This is something I have to do from time to time it is a ha__sle not to be able to reply to posts,hope this make sense,if not call the internet service provider and ask them to explain it to you. I have tryed the best I can in typing out the reason out.


FYI :) Lisa *9 - November 17

That doesn't sound like a static IP address because you are getting a new one when you disconnect. Static means it's always the same and you really only need a static address for a few reasons like web hosting or remote access. You have a dynamically a__signed IP address. Sorry the 'puter geek in me came out.:)


d - November 17

Mine says the same thing but I go back to check if they go through and they do. My husband says its a virus and just ignore it.


d - November 17

Now it says this but its till works when I submit a comment.----------------Warning: file_get_contents(corcell_468.txt): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/httpd/ on line 107


bump - November 17



bump - November 17



me too - November 17

It was also happening to me for the longest time so I understand your frustration. I had to call AOL a few times and it still didn't work. I switched providers the other day and now it works fine.


bump - November 17

bump up


dylan - November 17

hey d i get the same comment at the top of my screen but i still can post. maybe the site is having problems?


lisa - November 17

this happened to me for ages and i figred out i needed to open up a second web page and open this site up, if i use the first page it will never let me reply



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