Still Not On A Schedule

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ry - July 12

Hi all, my lo is almost 15 weeks and is still not any kind of schedule (although I try) the only things that are somewhat consistent now is her morning nap (around 2 hours after she wakes-which varies) and her bedtime (around 8:30-9:00 pm) She is not a good napper at all and sometimes is up all day long and eats a little bit at a time all day. Should I be doing something differently or will she start to fall into her own schedule?


Kel - July 12

Hi ry - my dd will be 16 weeks on Friday and is the same way....she'll do the same thing for about 2 days and I get all excited and then the next day it is totally different. Her bedtime (same as yours 8:30 - 9:00 pm) and her getting up is about the same. I figure since that is down the rest will fall into place shortly. I have some firends that had babies around the same time as me and it souns like their are doing the same. Hopefully it will come time for us! My dd takes like 20 minute cat naps all day long sometimes and sometimes sleeps only one hour the entire day.


Kel - July 12

oops - should say it will come in time for friends baby's aren't on a schedule either (typing to fast at work, yuck!)


Rabbits07 - July 12

ry, my little guy hasn't buckled down on a schedule either.


Ca__sieSong - July 12

My dd didn't get into a good schedule until she was 5 months. I could see changes in the direction of a good schedule at 4 months, but it was established by 5 months.... and fully established by 6 months. Now at 7 months she takes two 1.5 hour naps and eats 3 solid meals a day (plus formula and bottle before bedtime). I would say that 9:00 is a bit late of a bedtime for the age of your baby. An overtired baby is harder to put down... has a harder time falling asleep and staying asleep. Trying putting baby to bed 20 minutes earlier. Baby should not wake up at an earlier time in the morning because of this. Keep putting baby to bed 20 minutes earlier every day till you get to a good baby bedtime (between 6-8). My dd is asleep in her crib by 7:00... 7:30 latest and wakes up between 6:30-7:00 in the morning. She was at a 7:00 bedtime by 4 months. This is just my suggestion to you. I know it sounds logical that the more baby stays awake, the longer they will sleep.. but it is not true. I recommend Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby. Good luck!


RB - July 12

i agree with ca__siesong - get healthy sleep habits - it helped us immensely and still does... my ds is 8.5 months old and although i complain sometimes that his naps aren't long enough and he gets up a bit early... he generally sleeps quite well... in addition to ca__siesong's advice, i would keep your baby's awake intervals to 2 hours max... meaning, if your daughter wakes at 7am for example, try to get her down for her morning nap by 9am at the latest... that will prevent her from becoming overtired... i am all for inst_tuting some semblance of a "schedule" at a young age.... we did with our ds and he eventually fell into a pretty good routine by 5+ months... anyhow, the book taught me how important naps are to baby's overall mood and ability to learn etc... good luck!!!


Christy - July 13

I also use ealthy Sleep Habits. Truthfully, it took a good 4-5 months for Ben to fall into a semi-decent pattern. I think lot of it has to do with how quickly their nervous system matures. I would agree with the other ladies that you should limit your LO's wakeful intervals to 2 hours max. My ds had a tough time with that initially but eventually got into it. Definitely work on a good bedtime routine as well and make sure you are putting her down close to the same time every night. An earlier bedtime couldn't hurt either.


mommie2b - July 13

my little one is on a schedule he gets a bath at 11 30 at night drinks a 4 ounce bottle and goes right to sleep from 12 mid to 5 am and he wakes up for a bite which i give him the b___st and he goes right back to sleep till 8 am and he is usually up for an hour and goes back to sleep till 11am and then he is up for several hours and he is 4 weeks old so he is on a schedule and I am happy with it



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