Stimulating A Newborn

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ry - April 11

Thank god for this site and all of your help! Being a first time mom is a little overwhelming! My baby is almost 2 weeks old now, when she is awake (and sleeping :) i am always holding her, singing, and talking to her. Should i be doing more to stimulate her at this point with toys or anything? she really does not seem interested in anything yet....


TRP - April 11

I think just looking at all the new surroundings is enough stimulation for her at that age. If you do need a quick break from holding her, a bouncer seat is wonderful. Especially the vibrating ones. They can just stare at the little attachment with the lights and toys and be very content! My dd loved hers and so did I! She slept in it too.


TRP - April 11

*She didn't sleep in it at night, just little cat naps here and there during the day! =)


Erin1979 - April 11

I always walked around the house and did a little "narrative" of where we were, what I was doing, etc.It's hard when they are that small, but as they get older, they will start taking a more active interest in everything. I think you're doing a great job!


jessb - April 11

Not much more you can do. Just continue to hold and cuddle her, and talk to her alot. Soon you will see that she can focus and see things a little better. Then I started showing my daughter toys and books. Sometimes she would look at them and sometimes she would look past them and focus on a bare wall, LOL. I have always talked to her alot. Now at 9 weeks she looks at me and smiles and coos. She also loves to sit in her bouncy seat and look at the lights and listen to the music. She also waves her arms around and hits teh toys on her bouncy seat. But definitely at 2 weeks she wasnt doing much of anything besides being held and fed, and sleeping :o)


grandma - April 11

You are doing the right thing. Babies need to be lot. It's always been my opion that you can't hold 'em, kiss em', or love 'em enough. These things do not spoil a baby. For the first 6wks or so, babies need a ton of soft interatcion and touch. Calm voices, mellow singing, rocking will do wonders. These are the key actions that make baby thrive Once the eye sight is more developed soft toys can come out the toy box:) Enjoy, and rest when she does!



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