Stinky Little Feet

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DeeJay - November 15

My dd has some really stinky feet!!! Her feet seem to sweat alot and they are stinky!! Poor girl, she must get that from her dad LOL I am always wiping them off when I change her diapers, and she gets a bath every other night, (she is 3 mo. old) Any one else have a lo with little stinkers???


ashtynsmom - November 15

Yes! My dd will be 10 mos next week and she of course is wearing socks all of the time now becuase it is cold out ( Illinois). Everynight when I am undressing her for her bath and I start to take her socks off, she giggles because I always take her feet and sniff them and say " Whew-Wee!! Stinky Piggies" really loud and high pitched and then I kiss them!! She loves it, and knows it is coming every night now! But, yes, I know exactly what you mean!!


JenS - November 15

LOL!! that's cute!


olivia - November 15

My dd has stinky feet too! Since she was only a few months old. We do stinky feet games too. I sniff and make a face and say "PeeYou, Sinky Feet" and she laughs and laughs.


krc - November 15

my sons feet smell if I keep his socks on overnight !!!


jb - November 15

It is so funny that you post this today!!! I was going to post about this very topic!! My dd's feet smell like parmesan cheese!! We live in Wisconsin and it is cold here. At night I always put her in the Gerber footed pajamas. Those things really make those little rice crispy toes stink!! After I bought the first pack of them, my mom told me that dd's feet would stink. I thought, nahhh, I always give her a bath, and she is only wearing them to bed. How stinky could they get? Well, they are the stinkiest feet!!! If I put her in any other pajamas and put socks on her, she will just take them off and chew on them (the socks). I guess I just have to deal with stinky feet for a while!!! I do the same thing as ashtynsmom and olivia. I sniff my dd's feet and tell her, "ohhh those are STINKY FEET!!!!" and my dd will laugh her b___t off.


ash2 - November 15

It does eventually go away...My oldest son 's went away around the time he was one . Aiden's feet stink too,lol i usually keep the footed onsies on him and it does make his feet stink ( bath or not) after i take them off, i say " shoo-wee...stinky feet !!! He smiles sooo big.


angelbebe - November 16

OH yeah, my dd too!! SOO funny. I still just want to eat her feet up nonetheless. She is 5 1/2 months old.


bbelmore - November 16

James feet don't stink... I wonder if it's because I don't put socks on him except when we go out? ( I don't put socks on him cause they are slippery and he likes to use he feet to kick off when he's crawling)


simar - February 6

I work for a deodorising company.
If your daughter has stinky feet,
You can sell her stinky shoes to us for $10 to $25.



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