Stolen Diaper Bag

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Tabitha - December 19

I am so mad...I am going to vent for a minute....My family and I went to Walmart Saturday night and when we got home we realized we left the diaper bag on the bottom of the cart, in the parking lot at Walmart, so we drove back out there (20 minutes away) and the diaper bag was not in the cart anymore, so my husband went inside to see if anyone had turned it in...Of course not. They said to call back the next day and I did and they still didnt have it. We were out that way, so we stopped and I went in and asked if anyone turned it in, and no one did. So I was really upset...I guess I still have crazy hormones, because I cried about it. My baby is 3 months old and my oldest son is 3 years old, so I had stuff for both of them in there. Well, my WIC book and coupons were in there. My coupons just started over that day that I lost the diaper bag, luckily I already picked up my son's formula, but the next month's coupons were in there, including his formula coupons. WIC will not replace lost or stolen coupons. We already have to buy 3 extra cans each month, on top of what WIC provides, because my son eats a lot. I dont understand who would steal a baby's diaper bag, it only had stuff for my children in it, not me. I hope they liked the poopy diaper that was in it, that I had just changed. It really upsets me, and I cant believe people. I dont plan to shop at Walmart anymore, I dont like the store anyway, they are just cheaper on some things, than the store by my house. Formula is expensive and now my husband and I have to buy it all for next month, and he is the only one who works. I cant believe some people. I have replaced everything that was in the diaper bag, except for the WIC stuff. Anyway, thanks for listening...I appreciate it.


amanda.d - December 19

How c___ppy for you. Some people just don't get it. You think that because its the holidays some thieves might just put away their pettiness but I guess not. If you e-mail me maybe I can give you some formula coupons I don't need them as much as you do. Hope this helps. [email protected]


Lisastar9 - December 19

Sorrry to hear that it acyually was stolen. I hope somebody blesses you with money for the lost formula and food coupons. Maybe phone a church organization to see if they can help you finicially withthe food items you lost. This mistake is easy to do. At least you didn't have any id inside the diaper bag.


monica - December 19

something similiar happened to me at the begining of the month. It was the Friday before returning to work from Maturnity leave and I got my AF for the first time so needless to say I was already in a bad mood. We went shopping in San francisco and we parked our car in a garage. Well after the shopping was done we drove home but we were driving my moms car so when it was time for me to open my door I could not find my baby bag and my keys were in there. I started to cry like a big baby....I had no keys to get inside and I had no milk to feed my baby. I was having a heartattack....I called the store and no one had turned it in. So we drove all the way back to san this point my baby is having a fit from hunger and no diaper change.....I went back to the parking garage and an honest person had turned it in. I was so happy......I know your wallet was in there too. Sorry that you lost your coupons it does suck....btw I hate walmart.....


Jamie - December 19

Hey, what kind of formula does your son take? I have 3 unopened bottles of the liquid Similac with Iron that I bought in August when I was having issues with b___stfeeding - now my daughter won't take formula, so t's just sitting in my cabinet taking up space.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 19

I'm so sorry to hear that. I have an unopened can of enfamil lipil I would gladly send you. My son eats alimentum. Let us know what formula you use. Always willing to help someone that needs it!


amanda.d - December 19

p.s. go online to similac and fill out the club thing they send you a can of free fornula. I got three and when we found out about my sons lactose intolerance i changed my profile and they sent me a can of similac LF.


Tabitha - December 19

Thanks son eats Similac with Iron...some ladies on here were sending me some coupons for $5 off each can already, before this happened. So those will help out. WIC gave me a couple of places to call, I guess they help with formula...I will call them in a little bit. But my baby smells stinky I am going to go for a while. I check this site quite often. Thanks for your replies. My email is [email protected]


Beccah - December 19

I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through! Merry frickin Christmas, right? LOL I have a bunch of similac advance w/iron. My son is still feeding but I'm sure we can spare a couple cans for you. If more people on this board can spare 1 or 2 cans, you may not need to buy too much. PLUS you should be getting 6 $5 off checks from me so this should help also!


Jbear - December 19

The wic clinic (in texas) has actually given me a can of formula before, apparently they get some donated to them. Also, you can ask your pediatrician if they have any formula samples. If you need to, there's probably a food bank in your area, and they usually get donated formula. Walmart's formula (Parent's Choice) is really similar to similac, at least the way it mixes and the color, and costs about half as much. My older girl used to eat a lot more than WIC provided, I'd use 8 cans of enfamil from wic, then buy 4 parents' choice cans a month. It never bothered her to switch between the two. It's really rotten that someone stole your bag. I'm so paranoid about losing my WIC stuff that I leave it all at home, and just take the one I'm going to use that day...but then again I would probably lose my b___t if it weren't attached...


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 19

How do you share coupons? Do you post them to each other? It's a bit risky giving your home address out I think... Sorry for being slightly thick tonight but I'm proper sleep deprived


Tabitha - December 19

I usually do leave my WIC stuff at home, but I was at a different store earlier that day, and picked up my son's formula for this month, and had the WIC folder in the diaper bag still, and then we went to Walmart later. I talked to WIC here and they gave me a couple names of places that help with things like this and especially with I will be calling them tomorrow. My husband keeps telling me it will be fine and we will get his formula. I really want to thank the girls who have sent, or are sending me coupons, they will really help. It really sucks that someone would steal the bag, when its so close to the holidays...Oh well, I guess they dont care. I am ok with losing the food coupons, because we can replace that, it was just the formula coupons that got to me. I am on WIC for a reason, ya know? Formula is expensive and my son eats a it was nice to have WIC to help...Well, anyway, thanks again for listening and thanks for all your help.


kellie - December 19

I am always shocked at how horrible some people are. I would never dream of keeping a diaper bag that I found in the parking lot, I would bring it up to lost & found immediately. I'm sorry this happened.


Heidi - December 19

Did you call the police dept? Maybe someone turned it in there instead of Walmart. Ask if you can see the video of the lot or something. That really sucks. What state are you in? I have a lot of Similac Coupons too.


Tabitha - December 19

Heidi...I live in Michigan....I didnt know if I should call the police or not...I reported it to Walmart...but maybe I will call the police department tomorrow. I was thinking about asking Walmart to let me see their video, but I am not sure what I would do from there....I will talk to my husband about it and see what he thinks.


Heidi - December 19

Maybe if you saw the video you could see if someone took it into the store or took off with it. Try the police dept. I definately would and if they don't have it at least report it stolen so it's on file. Maybe you could take a copy of the report to WIC and they'll help you out. Did you have any sort of ID in the bag? That just sucks. I'll be more wise cus I throw mine under the cart too but stupid me puts my checkbook in there cus I no longer carry a purse!!!! My diaper bag is my purse! I hope someone turned it in for you! Maybe someone swiped it, realized there was nothing of value to them in there and they tossed it along the road and someone picked it up and turned it in to the police. Ya never know!


Heidi - December 19

Or the police may go to Walmart and view the video and maybe they can see a plate number. Don't know what city you live in if the PD would even go to this extent for a lost bag cus they probably have more important stuff to do buy you just never know. Tell them your coupons were in there and you desperately need them. They might go the extra step to call Walmart. Seriously. I work for a PD and we'd probably do it.



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