Stomach Flu Amp Dairy

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Shanna - December 12

to anyone whose LO has/had the stomach flu, did you find that the main thing that upsets their tummy is dairy? My 11month old son has had issues from both ends since Saturday, I've slowly been giving him rice cereal & some of his normal foods and he seems to be doing fine and he is drinking Pedialyte but a half hour afer his bottle of forumla (which is milk-based) he throws up. Sorry if this is gross:) His doc said it could take a few more days till he can tolerate his formula again so I was wondering if I should just keep him on the pedialyte or maybe try a lactose free formula for a few days till his stomach fully heals. Any thoughts?


GloriaD - December 13

Been there and its awful! DS got the stomach flu at 7 months and we just went ahead and gave him pedialyte and skipped the formula for a couple of days. Stomach flu kinda messes with your appet_te so don't be surprised if he doesn't take much in while sick, he'll make up for it when he starts to feel better. For now just minimize the vomiting, poor guy!


excited2bemama - December 13

I am a RN and we always tell patients with the stomach flu to avoid dairy as much as possible. If he has had yogurt you can try yougrt (its the one expection to the no dairy rule) as yogurt has the good bacteria in it and can help restore his stomach after the flu. (make sure you get a kind that says it has live and active cultures and no sugar if he will eat it)If he has diarrhea stick to the brat diet. bananas, rice, apples, and toast... those are things that bulk up a stool.. as far as switching him a different formula for a few days you would have to talk to your ped about that. If he is on solids and eating a decent amount and seeing that he is 11 months old and probably fine to cut out the formula for a few days.. just try to make sure he has lots of fluids.. pedialtye, popsicles, etc chicken soup.


KOGreer - December 14

My son was 4.5 months when he got the stomach virus, and the nurse said no cereal for two weeks, it was too rough on his little stomach. (But at that point we had only been giving it to him for 2 weeks). She said to nurse him for 5~10 min every hour, and if he still got sick, to only give him pedialyte, which is what we ended up doing. I heard that milk increases the mucous production, increasing the gagging reflex, causing them to puke.



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