Stomach Virus

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srigles - January 30

My 3 month old son has been throwing up today. (3 times). I don't think it's spit-up, since it doesn't happen around mealtimes, and it definitely smells/looks like vomit. He's not running a fever, and aside from when he's just thrown up, he doesn't seem in distress at all. The only difference in his att_tude is that he's not very hungry and his stomach is making rumbling sounds. I don't know if this is something I should be contacting the doctor about, or if I'm just being totally paranoid, or if I should just wait another day and see if it passes or what. Any ideas? Could it just be a virus that's going to go away? He seems in good spirits, but this just hasn't happened before. Sorry if it sounds like I'm overreacting.....


ash2 - January 30

Does he have a runny nose ? It could be the mucus settling in his stomach making him nauseated. When they eat too much or even a good bit, they tend to start to cough and throw up. I would call teh doc to see what they say.....


srigles - January 30

He doesn't have a runny rose, but he actually has been trying to take his bottle faster than normal today. He'll just gulp a couple of ounces back, and then that's it - he only takes about 3 ounces instead of the 5-6 he normally takes.


srigles - January 30

Oh, one more thing. He's also drooling a lot. Could that be causing him to throw up? If he's swallowing it or something?


lexa - January 30

Is he vomiting a lot? There is so much going around right now with the stomach virus...ugh! If it continues and doesn't seem to let up, obviously you'll want to call the doctor. Keep an eye on him and make sure he is still wetting diapers (dehydration). If his belly isn't feeling good, he probably won't eat as he normally does. This is normal. I would also be on the lookout for fever and diahrrea. If he seems to be okay and not in pain (good spirits as you said), I would wait a little to see what happens. Good luck to you both:-)


srigles - January 30

Thanks, the vomiting seems to have calmed down a bit this evening. Lots of wet diapers, too - I was worried about dehydration. I'm hoping it'll just continue to get better as the night goes on.... thanks for the advice!


lin7604 - January 30

my son has had a bad virus lately. It started last sat with a fever and then on sunday he started the runs. He got the runs really really bad for 4 days and then it tapered off a bit He still isn't back to normal yet and seems to still get tummy cramps here and there. It's terrible, it spread through the whole house and made everyone sick!


Kara H. - January 30

My ped said if they vomit more than once, withold milk/formula for 12 hours and give an electolyte drink instead. Try milk again after the 12 hours and see what happens. If there is more vomiting or diarrhea, bring the child into the office. Usually if you quit putting milk in, stuff will quit coming out! :)


srigles - January 31

Thanks for all the help, everyone. It's 3am now, and DS hasn't been sick in about 6-7 hours, so I'm a__suming things have worked themselves out. He seems pretty content now. Thanks so much!


ITSABOY - January 31

How is your baby today.I seem to be having the same problem as you.Tyson is 5 months and he started friday night with fever he ran fever then saturday all night saturday night and of course the tynenol got rid of the fever but sunday the fever stopped and he had diahrrea 3 times sun and threw up 1 time.monday he had no fever but diahrrea 1 time and threw up 2 times,tues diahrrea 1 time no throw up and so far today we have had 1 throw up.He was not eating right for a few days but now he is eating normal also he has been coughing alot.I called the doc they said if it gets worse to let the know it just sounds like a cold.I hope your little one is feeling better!


srigles - January 31

Thanks ITSABOY, Keegan is doing better today. He hasn't thrown up, but he's still not eating as much as normal and he's got a little bit of a cough. No fever, though. I think he's definitely on the mend. Hope your little guy starts feeling better soon!



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