Stopping Formula At A Year Old

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krnj - February 6

Has anyone stopped giving formula yet? My ped gave me the ok to take my son off it. She said I could either wean him off or do it cold turkey. I don't think I want to do it cold turkey. How much milk should he get a day?Would I still give him a bottle at bedtime? Sorry I'm so clueless! Does anyone have any advice or tips? Thanks!


cae - February 6

Ethan turned 1 on Jan 26, and he is now off formula. I started about 2 weeks before he turned one. What I did was slowly wean him off of it. He was drinking 8 oz of formula at each bottle feeding. So what I did, is the first week put 6 oz of enfamil with 2oz of whole milk. The next week I did 4oz of enfamil and 4 oz of whole milk, then the third week I put 2oz of enfamil with 6 oz of whole milk and now he is completely off the formula. Now I am trying to slowly wean the bottle from him, but not doing so good thus far. Hope that helps.


shelly22 - February 6

I took my son off cold turkey, and he did great. I took him off at 10 1/2 months because he was refusing formula and I got the go ahead from his doc so I just switched him to whole milk. He took well to it, and I was happy to get rid of them bottles!!


ashtynsmom - February 6

Ashtyn is completely off formula too. She was one on 1/23. I did something similar to cae, only I did whole bottles. I would subst_tue her night_tme bottle with milk instead of formula, since that one she almost always finished. She has kind of weened herself off of the bottle- once she got used to the sippy cup, that was all she wanted- EXCEPT for bedtime. She is so used to that bedtime bottle, that it is a necessity right now. I am going to try and slowly wean her from that, but so far- no luck! Ashtyn drinks a lot of water. She gets a sippy cup of milk with breakfast and drinks about 3 oz of it. She gets 2 oz juice/2 oz water with morn snack, she gets 4-6 oz of milk with lunch, she gets another 2oz juice/2oz water with afternoon snack and drinks either water or milk with dinner-whatever she prefers for the night.



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