Stranger Anxiety

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melissa g. - June 15

my dd is 4 months this week and for the past month, when she meets new people, she sticks out her lower lip and her eyes fill with tears, and if I dont take some mommy action pretty quickly, she will start hollering, its so pitiful! she is not a baby who likes being passed around apparently! i would like her not to be so afraid of new people but i dont want to traumatize her either! any advice? i have found that if when meeting new people, if we all act as normal as possible, she does better, whereas if people start getting in her face and goo-gooing at her, she gets upset. Someone told me that babies can get upset if unfamiliar people talk "parentese" to them. It isnt all the time tho, she smiled at a lady who came to talk to us in the grocery store, who also happened to have a baby with her. But thoughts on the matter would be appreciated!


hello - June 15

My daughter did it as well if they got too into her face, from a distance she wouldnt be as bad.... Crying for the little old ladies in the supermarket made me feel bad... It lasted till she was around 8 months i think and now she is fine with anyone...... If they are with mom mainly then thats another reason so hopefully she may stop when a little older like mine...


HANNAHs Mom - June 15

My almost 10-month old dd is finally getting through this stranger anxiety phase, although she will still look my way for rea__surance when someone unfamiliar is near. I don't blame some babies for reacting this way though....some well meaning people do get a little too close for comfort!


Rabbits07 - June 15

It's just a phase she's going through and unfortunately there is nothing you can do to hurry it along or keep her from feeling that way. I wouldn't restrict her interaction with strangers or anything, but until she gets more comfortable, when people come up and start talking to her I would just make mention that she's going through that baby phase right now where thay get upset around people they don't know and it's worse when they are close up to her face. That should be enough of an explanation that no one gets offended, but will also keep their distance.


JEN - June 15

My ds only does this with my father- it's so sad b/c he is the first grandchild and my dad absolutely adores him. I have no idea what could make him do this- he has never had any problems with anyone else- ever!!!!! : (


tiffani - June 15

I think she just needs some time to warn up to people. You're probably lucky she's got a touch of stranger anxiety. Think about it, happy smiling babies are more of a draw to strangers and all their germs. I can't tell you how many strangers touch my kids, and it really bothers me! Even if they just touch my sons hand, I know he's eventually going to put his hand in his mouth. Yuck! I think it's just a phase. :o)



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