Strangers Touching Your Baby

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Shanna - June 29

so how do you all handle this? personally I cannot stand it when someone walks by and touches my dd's face or hands or even her little feet. talk to her all you want, but I did not give you permission to put your hands on her. I am so tempted to put a sign on her that says, ' I know I'm cute but keep your hands off!' does this bug anyone else??


AprilMum - June 29

It drives me insaaane!! I never know what to do either - but what the hell?! I have no idea where their hands have been that day! It happens almost every time we go to the grocery store. Is it rude to say something? I guess what it all comes down to, is that it's my job to protect her, and if I'm uncomfortable with that, I need to say something, whether or not it sounds rude. I just don't get people. Maybe because I myself, have never had the urge to feel a baby. (other than my own)


Narcissus - June 29

You just need to be on top of things and tell them not to touch her as soon as you see the 1st indication that they are going to do so. It's your right and yes, I think it's rude to touch & feel other people without their permission.


angelbebe - June 29

Oooh, I'm right there with you. We have a lot of mosquitos where i live so fortunately I have the excuse when I'm out that the netting that covers her car seat that I carry her around in has to stay on to keep the bugs away. BUt, yes, it irritates me. Especially those who just b___t right in and start touching her without asking. Touching the hands are the worst since they go right in her mouth! : )


Shanna - June 29

thanks ladies, so far I have not said anything, didn't know what to say! but for now on, i'm gonna tell people hands off, wonder what they will say?!


TC - June 29

I will not let anyone touch my son without permission. I have some d__n good reflexes that I've perfected from my pg days. *rolling eyes* Shanna, you need to verbally let people know...F*** the sign! LOL (excuse my foul mouth)


J.J. - June 29

Is this a germs concern? I totally understand it w/newborns but are we talking about older babies? My kid (8 mos) likes strangers, but if you try to hold his hand he'll snatch it back and give you this look like, "what the hell are you doing? get the f-off!"


Shanna - June 29

i would never really put a sign on her. i've never been outspoken but look out world, I'm gonna be now! what I don't understand is, why people feel they have the right to touch someone else's baby


nic nac - June 29

ha ha. TC i am going to have to ask permission in advance to pinch Danny's cheeks if I ever see him. LOL. I never had anyone do that to me. So far, everyone who has touched her, has been people I know and they always wash their hands and ask permission.


Nerdy Girl - June 29

I just picked up my 3 year old at day camp, and I had my baby in the stroller. One of the other 3 year campers came up and started kissing my baby on his face while the mom stood by watching how "cute" it was. I didn't want to cause a total scene at my kid's day camp, so I just said "OK, that was a big enough kiss" and sort of gave the mom a little look while I gently pulled the kid away. I didn't really know what to do.


Ginny - June 29

Someone once gave me the advice of saying something like, "He's been sick, so you probably don't want to touch him." Then the roles of germ worry are reversed. Somehow people get it when THEY are the ones who might get sick. And while we're on the subject, I went into WalMart last week with my sleeping baby, and the greeter asked me if she could see the baby (I had the stroller hood up), so I told her she was sleeping, but that she could take a peak. I scooted the hood down just a couple of inches, and the woman grabbed it, jerked it over, then grabbed my baby's leg and started screeching, "Aren't you cute!! Look at all your hair!!" Of course, Baby Girl woke up terrrified and began crying, and I had to pick her up and calm her down - while the greeter kept bellowing at her. When I just started walking away, she finally said, "I'll let you get back to shopping - have a nice nap, little girl!" What the h*!!? Not only was Baby Girl wailing, but I was having to hold her, calm her, and push the stroller as I walked away. Are people really that unaware?


Shanna - June 29

Ginny, you reminded me of a somewhat similar incident with our daughter. there is a store that I like going to, kinda like a Goodwill or thrift shop but its owned by a local church and they usually have some really nice baby stuff at reasonable prices; anyway was there one day with hubby and dd and I knew she was tired so I carried her around the store, had her in one arm and was looking thru the racks with the other. the cashier saw me and came over, she reached out, had her hands on our daughter and said she would hold her while I was looking. Now don't get me wrong, she seemed like a nice older lady and the place is owned by a church but she is still a complete stranger to me. said no thanks, pulled back and kept looking.


J.J. - June 29

I'm probably going to get hammered with this comment, but it doesn't bother me that much. Okay, it was a concern when he was a newborn in winter and illness can be serious...I was hypersensitive then...and granted, I don't want someone with walking pneumonia to use my son's onsie as a tissue. BUT, he's exposed to so much at daycare and when I occas take him to the gym. I can't stop it (daycare kids touching him) and in theory, it should be bolstering his immune system. Ditto all the dust, pollen, animal dander, horses, cats, etc. on our little farm. There's no escaping germs. (I'll quantify this w/the fact that he got a cold on day 3 of daycare back in January...since then has been healthy, knock wood.)


Layla - June 29

Oh that drives me insane!! My baby is only a month old and was a preemie so I'm extra sensitive about ANYONE touching him. The only time he's really been out is for tests and Dr appointments but each time some one wants to touch or hold him because he is "so tiny". HELLO?! That is all the more reason for you to stay the hell away from him. I have no problem saying no when ppl ask to hold him, I care more about my son's well being than any stranger's hurt feelings. There was one time at the Dr's office I was sitting holding him and there was a woman next to me. I had my head turned only for a second when I turned back around to look down at my son she was stroking his hair!! It was like she was just waiting for me to turn my head. I immediately pulld him away and said "EXCUSE ME MISS! I dont know where your hands have been " And got up and moved away. She gave me this shocked look and I gave her one back that said you're lucky I didnt smack you! The nerve of ppl.


jas - June 30

Put them in a bubble - no one will touch them and all will be well... Be glad you aren't in Japan - they LOVE babies here. As long as they are a month old, it's not as big a deal as a lot of mothers think it is (germ wise). Now if it's about personal space - that's another story.


TC - June 30

Well it IS about personal space for me. I think that it is extremely rude to walk up and touch anybody at anytime. They need to ask and let me decide if I want them touching me or my child. Yes Nic Nac you better ask for permission!! Hahaha!! :D


starr - June 30

My baby girl is 2 wks old and fortunately I haven't had anyone other than family get that close to her yet.I get lots of looks and comments about how cute she is and how much hair she has but that's about it so far.I did have a lady at the dr's office offer to hold her for me while I filled out paperwork.Of course I told her nciely "no thank you."For me,it would be about personal space first and then germs.Why would u just walk up and touch a total stranger?That is very rude.



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