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ry - February 2

Can a ten month old eat strawberries?


Emily - February 2

Not sure. I thionk fresh stawberries are some sort of allergy risk, but at 10 motnhs it is so close that since no one in my or dh family has food allergies, I gave those alerdy risk things to my oldest. She has no food alergys and my youngest is only 7 mos. She did have eggs once by accident, one of those I turned my back for a minute and Mary was shareing her eggs with Marcy. Marcy loved them and had no reactions….


ry - February 2

I thought i heard they were a "risky" food but wasnt sure. I am so dumb I accidentally gave my dd an entire piece of french toast a couple weeks ago forgetting about the eggs! But she had no reaction. I wonder if that means it is ok to give them that food then...


Emily - February 2

orry I ment to say I gave allergy risk things


Emily - February 2

I would say eggs Are probably okay for you then. I would stay away formt he strawberies until you have a chance to ask your doc. I forget about a lot of things that have things in them that I can't give my los…..of course I probably wouldn't get mother of th year as I regular let my two year old eat all those things that are choking risks like, suckers, popcorn, nuts, whole grapes, carrots, and whole hotdogs. But before anyone rakes me over the coals, she is a very good chewer and I always watch her….


Lisastar9 - February 2

I am not sure why you can't they do make strawberry baby food puffs and jarred baby food. I would give them to your lo. I did when my first was 6 months old.


ssmith - February 2

From what I know about food allergies....even if your baby did have a reaction to strawberries, it wouldn't be life threatening, like the anaphalactic rection people can have to eggs etc Maybe a few hives....If you don't have a family history of allergies, a little spoonful wouldn't hurt. If there is a reaction...then you'll know not to give him anymore. Like Lisastar said, they make all sorts of Stage 2 jarred baby food with strawberries in them.....


piratesmermaid - February 2 recommends waiting until 12-24months for strawberries. I wouldn't, just in case.


Erynn21 - February 2

Strawberry allergies can be quite severe as can many berries, I would wait personally.


bradylove - February 2

It's not just about an allergic reaction now, but the concern is more so over an allergy that may develop later on in life because of early exposure to a particular food that is known to cause allergies. I have a ton of food allergies that are very difficult to deal with so from my perspective why would you even risk trying it now? I've now read that the new recommendation from Health Canada is to wait until age 3 before introducing nuts and fish. I'm playing it safe and including strawberries. ssmith: you can have an anaphalactic reaction to anything you are allergic to and you may not even know you have the allergy. Some early symptoms are so faint that you don't even really know you have the allergy until it gets increasingly symptomatic, that can sometimes take years.


dee23 - February 2

well if the recommendation is 12 months plus, then why the hell do they have them in 6 months plus baby food jars?


HannahBaby - February 2

Yes, they are a risky food. I had extreme allergies to strawberrys until i was about 13. I refuse to give them to my 2 year old!! Too scared


San - February 2

It's "funny" because they make strawberry baby food. What's with that? Or is it just REAL strwberries that they shouldn't have?


krnj - February 2

My son has had the applesauce/strawberry combo stage 2. He didn't have any reaction to it but I think I'm waiting on the real strawberries.


maryl14 - February 4

i wouldn't feed strawberries before a year we waited until my daughter 1 st birthday and had a strawberry shortcake theme party (no one has food allergies in my family of dh) and we ended up at the hospital with her she's allergic


Emily - February 5

As with a lot of foods, it is only the real thing that is cause for concern. Just like honey is a no no but honey nut cherios and honey grahm crackers are ok. Stawberry flavered things are ok, it ithe actual stawberry friut to stay away from so I wouldn't base your reasonings for giving or not giving on the fact that your lo did or didn't have a reaction to babyfood with stawberry flavors.


^lucy^ - February 5

sweet bonnie told me that strawberries and any type of berries are an allergie risk.. i asked then about the flavored yogurts.. around 1 year old u can give strawberries definately.. you can search regarding 10 months old babies.. eggs are ok to give after 7 months of age,, only the yellow part and not the white.. my baby hates eggs by the way :p



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