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Amanda N - October 4

My baby is 5 months old yet I still find myself overly emotional, tired, stressed, and feeling like I am going crazy. Anyone else feel this way too?


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 4

Being a mom is a very emotional thing. I know they say that everybaby is different but I am getting really stressed that my baby has no desire to crawl. I wanted her to be one of those babies that did everything WAY before all the other kids! I know that is selfish and she will do it when she wants but that is one thing that is stressing me out. I am always tired, I dont know why because Amaya does sleep all night so I get a good 9 hours straight sleep (aside from me getting up every 2 hours to check on her!) Everyone says it gets easier and I guess it has since she has been born but it is very stressful!


KH - October 4

Amanda, I think it all depends on the baby you have. Is your baby high needs? Do you think you might have PPDepression? Do you have enough support. there is a great site for meeting other moms called I have met a few great people through there.


CEM - October 4

hi Amanda N. i'm sorry to hear you feel so bad :-( have you talked to your doctor about it? do you think you might have post-partum depression? if so, you need to get that into check, otherwise it'll get way out of hand. i'm sorry i can't help, other than to say i'm also stressed out to the max. i've got three kids under the age of 5, and one is special needs. parenting is one of the hardest journeys i think i've ever embarked on. if you need to talk, i'm here ;-)


Amanda N - October 4

Amaya's Mommy...I understand about being stressed about the crawling, mine has no interest in it either. She hates being on her tummy. She will last for about 10 minutes and then start crying. She will roll over and be fine. I too get 9 hours or so of sleep yet still fiind myself exhausted every day. It has a lot to do with the stress I think. I hope it does get easier. KH...I have done some reading on PPD and honestly I don't feel like I fit that but I am thinking about going to talk to my doc. I have soo much support yet it's not support of being there all the time. My husband is great he helps all he can but he works all day and by time he gets home and does things that he needs to get done around the house I am still basically left taking care of her all by myself everyday all day. He helps a lot but I would love one day were I didn't have to worry about anything. I did check into you and have registered, thank you. CEM....I feel bad saying how stressed I am after reading your situation. Being a Mom is SO hard. I love every minute of it yet I am stressed almost every minute of it, make sense? CEM I appreciate your offer to talk. Would you prefer in here or email??


CEM - October 5

Amanda N - i would prefer e-mail, but don't feel too sure about giving out my address here...what do you think? do you have a block on your e-mail address? otherwise, we can just keep in touch here. get back to me :-)


Amanda N - October 5

CEM...I agree about the email. What do you mean by block on my email? I have an email address that I only use for when I sign up for things so I can give you that one. Let me know.


CEM - October 6

good idea! give me that, and i can e-mail you my e-mail address. does that make sense? hope so! talk to you soon, i hope.....


Amanda N - October 6

Ahh yes I know what one is. :) Ok the email is [email protected]


CEM - October 6

i just e-mailed you. i hope you get it. :)



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