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Narcissus - January 16

AF was due a few days ago... We totally "did it", like teens in heat, mid-cycle. Shame on us!!!!!! Also, I will post Aja's Moe Haircut (3 Stooges) today, like I promised:) How's everyone doing??


Lisastar9 - January 16

LMAO not ROFLMAO cause I would be a teeter tottor nine weeks today till due for three for me. ,You do know maybe another baby on the way hope not for your sake,unless you want to be pg.


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 16

This seems to be an epidemic around here Narc! Monica and CEM got theirs a few weeks late. Can't wait to see Aja's haircut pics! How would you feel if you were pregnant again now?


Jamie - January 16

Mine was late, also. LOL! Lisa, lol at the teeter totter.


Christy - January 16

I can't wait to see the pic! As for AF, I don't know when I'll see her again since I am bf. It has been 11 months for me. Anyway, do you think that you're pregnant or just late? How would you feel if you were pg?


FF - January 16

I just wish my AF would be late! I don't want to be pg or anything but the witch showed up a week early and stayed 12 days! ...Teens in heat, you crack me up Narcissus ;)


sugar+spice - January 16

im two weeks late for mine, did hpt last night and it said neg. i hate not having a period!


Chelsey - January 16

Didn't this happen to you a couple of months ago too?!!!! Am I going to have to come over there and throw some cold water on the two of you?!!! Hope AF arrives, I was 2 weeks late and just got my AF the other day.... wheeewwwww!


Eryn @ MN - January 16

Hey good for you on bring back thoses teenage years! Nothing wrong with that unless of coarse it leads to no AF! I am sure she will visit shortly. Can't wait to see the new pic.


Channy - January 16

im curious..ive been here only for 2 months..what does AF means?


Chelsey - January 16

AF= Aunt Flow= period


keeks - January 16

We have all been there. Think of it as a sign. Aj can use a playmate and you may even get a my Af is due tommorrow and I'm ttc. Jordan is 20 months old and Avery is 9. I can't wait for another one.......Baby Dust!!!!.......for me acoarse.......Hugs


Chelsey - January 16

Hi Keekee! I've been meaning to say "Hello", but didn't want to impose on threads! But I will anyways! Hope you are doing great! Hopefully your AF doesn't show up for you! Hows Avery and Jordan?.... besides being into everything? Did Dh finally get the play room done?


Narcissus - January 17

AF arrived!! Yeah!! Chelsey, LMAO at the "throw water" remark! Keeks, OMG, welcome back sweety!!!! Whats going on with you these days?? Where have you been??



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