Stressing Over SIDS

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Suzanne - May 26

I had my baby 5 weeks ago and ever since I found this website on SIDS with pictures of all the babies that have died I am freaking out. I just can't imagine it. Do you think the statistics are true? One or two out of 1000 babies? Do you think the majority of them were due to smothering or an unhealthy infant? I check his breathing all the time and I want to stop feeling like this. Is it normal to be this scared?


Bonnie - May 26

Very normal! ;) ......if it will make you feel better, they make an angelcare monitor (it's like $100 though) that sounds off an alarm if baby stops breathing. It's nice for belly sleepers.


rl - May 26

If your a first time mom it is normal to worry somewhat but you have to remember SIDS is very rare yes it does happen and it is awful but you just have to try not to think about that all the time just enjoy your new baby and love him/her because you never know what is gonna happen and it is crazy to spend time with needless worry chances are your baby is gonna grow up nice and strong and your not ever gonna have to face anything like is a small hint stay off the SIDS websites for awhile. Have your baby sleep in a basinet in your room if it makes you feel better good luck and take care!!


JEN - May 26

I was also terrified of SIDS when my son was born. For the first week I kept him in his basinet right next to my bed so that if I started to freak out I could reach over and feel him breathe. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep, and I kept waking him up with all my touching, so I did get the angelcare monitor and I absolutely love it. It has also made the transition of my ds moving into his crib in his room much easier. I know that a lot of people don't like this monitor because you can ( and usually do) get false alarms. I know that we have had several because my ds tends to scoot all the way in the top corner of his bed and off the sensor pad. This might sound crazy, but I actually feel a little better after a false alarm because I know that monitor is doing its job. Just my opinion!


Sarahsmommy - May 26

I don't know about the statstics but I think that sounds a little high, when they do those they add in the babies who died because of big blankets, sleeping on there tummy's and everything. I think if you do all the stuff like having you baby sleep on their back, no big blankets, not taking them around cigeratte smoke and all that stuff your baby should be fine. If you would make you feel better call you pedi's office and ask to speak to a nurse to see if there is anything else to make you LO safer at night. I think as long as you use common sense you LO will be fine.


ssmith - May 26

I agree. And, the stats don't give you any info about the health of the baby or the environment. Maybe there were smokers in the house, maybe the baby had breathing problems to begin with, or wasn't totally healthy. Maybe they were covered with a big thick blanket, or were asleep on a surface that wasn't firm like a mattress. You just don't know the circ_mstances....I don't think babies just "stop breathing" unless there is a really good reason (or bad reason I guess!) If your little one is healthy and strong, I wouldn't worry. Just make sure their airway is totally free, and I'm sure everything will be just fine!



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