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disneymommy79 - February 28

I saw this last night and I thought I would share this artical with all of you moms. I was also wondering yoru thoughts on this subject. Study: Popular baby bottles may be dangerous Bottles from Dr. Brown's, Evenflo, Gerber, Playtex contain chemicals known to harm lab animals; industry group defends safety. February 28 2007: 11:56 AM EST WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Independent experts convened by the National Inst_tutes of Health will meet next week to review whether exposure to a chemical commonly found in plastic products like food containers and baby bottles causes health problems. Separately, an environmental group said new laboratory tests at the University of Missouri found that the chemical, bisphenol A, leached into liquids at potentially dangerous levels from baby bottles sold by five leading brands. Bisphenol A, also called BPA, is used in making polycarbonate plastic food and drink packaging. There has been controversy over its safety. Industry views it as harmless. Environmentalists link it to developmental, neural and reproductive harm when ingested. The NIH's National Inst_tute of Environmental Health Sciences will convene a panel of 15 scientists on March 7 to review scientific data and reach conclusions on whether exposure to it causes developmental or reproductive harm, inst_tute spokeswoman Robin Mackar said. Health care spending to double in decade The NIH said studies have indicated the chemical may mimic a natural female s_x hormone, and the upcoming review comes in part due to its widespread human exposure and evidence of reproductive toxicity in animal studies. Mackar said Robert Chapin of Pfizer (Charts) will head the panel of scientists from academia, industry and public health groups. The panel's findings will "not necessarily" be adopted as the views of the government, Mackar said. Rachel Gibson, a lawyer for Los Angeles-based Environment California, said the laboratory tests on bottles from all five brands - Avent, Dr. Brown's, Evenflo, Gerber and Playtex (Charts) - were found to leach bisphenol A at amounts known to harm animals in laboratory animal studies. "We're happy to see the federal government revisiting the issue of the safety of bisphenol A," Gibson said. The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, an industry trade group, defended the safety of the baby bottles. "Sound and respected scientific research has consistently shown there is no danger to consumers when products are used as intended. Trace levels of Bisphenol A from consumer products are well below any level that could cause harm to adults or to our children," the group said in a statement. "Other scientific studies have shown that BPA has no effect on the reproductive system, no effect on the developmental system and no carcinogenic (cancer-causing) effects. Recent reports indicating otherwise are both sensational and biased, and they have not received any validation from the scientific community," the group


mosley12 - February 28

wow thanks for posting. i had some gerbers but i hated them..they were always leaking! now we mostly use the soothies bottles


KLC - February 28

mosley we use the soothies too. DS loves them.


jwhite - February 28

It scares me.


mandee25 - February 28

What next? There is always something new and stupid to worry about!


disneymommy79 - February 28

It really makes me worry because I don't remember a lot of kids being sick with stuff like cancer when I was a kid. I don't know if it wasn't known or if it just seems like something is going on with our kids today. I just cant believe that now even the bottles that we are using for our kids could be harming them. WTH. You would think that they would make sure that there wasn't any danger before they sold this stuff.


Wellis10 - February 28

I have playtex and gerber, besides the bottles that are named what other kind is there?


Cabbie - February 28

This is my response to the thread down below on the same issue: I began reading about this with my first child in 1999. I was a research freak and came across this info. This is what I have read about it. It seems from most of what I've read that the chemical is released when the bottle is heated. Also everything I have read pertains to clear bottles not colored bottles. Everything I have read (which is not from the government but activist groups, research, etc. online) has said not to warm up the clear bottles. This has been ongoing at least since 1999 when I first read it. I have always been careful to not heat anything up in the clear plastic Dr Brown bottles. We bought some evenflo pastels to do the heating in. That being said, the info may have changed since then . =


meg - February 28

What about the Playtex Nursers w/ the drop in liners? Is this study dealing w/ the plastic bottles only??


luviduvi - February 28

Cabbie is right. This has been an ongoing study for some time. Some experts say to never heat food in plastic containers, even the ones that hold the frozen meal thingys. They say you should always heat anything you can in gla__s. I use dr. Browns..........and I heat them in the micro! EEEKKK!!!


Wellis10 - March 2

What about heating them in hot water? I use filter water and then put the formula in. Then to heat it I place the bottle in hat water. Never in the Micro. or stove. Just hot water from the sink.



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