Stuffy Nose For 4 Weeks Now

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galvquodi - May 27

My two month old has been having a stuffy nose for about 4 weeks now. Doctors don't seem worry about it but I wonder why it is not getting better. Anyone else with that problem? Cheers


Rabbits07 - May 27

My ds is 8 weeks old and has been stuffy since about 3 weeks. I planned on asking the pedi about it whn he goes back on the 31st. He seems fine other than fever, not fussy, no cough....I think it may just be allergies.


Lisastar9 - May 27

If you give your child allergy elixir it will clear up a stuffy nose,they are allowed1/2 teas up to 24 lbs ,and I usually give a tad less then a 1/4 of a teas. In some kids it makes them sleepy or makes them hiper,but it works.


Sarahsmommy - May 27

Lisastar I have to disagree. I don't think you should ever give a 2 month old medicine without the pedi's ok. Sarah had a cold when she was less then a month old and hung on to the stuffy nose for at least 2 months. There nasal pa__sages are smaller so it's harder for them to keep it cleaned out. If you give your LO medicine it will help for a few hours but not cure the problem. You can use saline drops and a nasal aspirater to keep your LO's nose cleaned out, and if they seem to be having a lot of trouble breathing, fever, all that good stuff let your pedi know.


ca_pink - May 27

My two month old has had a stuffy nose since week 2. I asked the pedi and she said it's normal and that we should use saline solution/aspirator to help clear the nose pa__sage daily. I think our baby may have allergies and plan to ask the pedi about it again next week. If you plan to use a saline solution, a good one to try is "Ayr". Good luck!


Kel - May 27

I agree with Sarahsmommy and ca-pink; my daughter has has a stuffy nose for a while and he said to use saline drops to soften up the mucos so it would come out easier. He had some big long explanation for it, but he basically said just that. I would give any medicine without knowing if it is an allergy for sure.


Kel - May 27

i meant I "wouldn't: give


ssmith - May 28

I'm glad someone asked this--my Caitlin had a very stuffy nose for 2+ weeks, she's a month now. I was very concerned because she would choke and gag on all that mucus, it would even make her throw up a lot. No fever or anything, I thought it may have been allergies too....but all of a sudden it seems to have cleared up! Go figure. I tried the saline drops too, but I don't think they helped... Hopefully whatever it was that caused all that icky mucus doesn't come back! I hated to see her struggle to breathe through her little nose!


galvquodi - May 30

Thank you all! Good luck with your little noses :)



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