Stupid Mobiles

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kimmysmommy - March 25

my dd is 3 mo, and just starting to become really interested in little things like stuffed animals, little toys, her baby gym, and her crib is really cute, and goes with all her stuff (precious moments) but i hate the damn thing!!! she loves to hear the music, and gets so excited to see the mobile spin around....i can tell bc she coos at it, and laughs and smiles at it, and kicks her little feet, but the second it stops spinning/playing music, she starts to is cute, it is like she is saying "mommy, my toy isn't doing what it is supposed to, fix it!" the problem is, it only stays wound up for maybe a minute and a half!!!! it is such a pain in the butt, i wish they would make those things last longer!! they are supposed to entertain the baby, right?? maybe when they made them, they just thought, well, the mommy might want to lose a few pounds, this is how she can get her excercise...she can get up every 90 seconds, and wind up the mobile again~~~~~~~~sigh~~~~~~~~~stupid mobiles.


dee23 - March 25 not there yet, but this never crossed my mind!


jodie - March 25

Kimmysmommy, we bought a mobile that is made by Sa__sy i think and I goes for 15 minutes....comes with different little things to hang on it and it has a remote so when it does stop you just push a b___ton to start it. You can play lullaby's, cla__scal or white noise. Nicks likes the bright colors and cute little animal faces..he is 4 months and lays there and talks to it. I think they might sell them at babies r us...ours was a gift. Good luck!


grandma - March 25

My granddaughter has a moblie by Baby Einstein. It operates on batteriers and goes on and on, and on...she loves it. some of them even have a remote control. Worth every penny as she watches it for 20 mins. +


Shelly - March 25

I have one that is Ocean Wonders,comes with lightshow,remote,and different melodies,and it was $30.00 .....just $10.00 more than a regular mobile.


Bonnie - March 25

I have the ocean wonders too which I love as my son likes the light projectionon the ceiling. But it too doesn't last long enough. About 6-7 minutes and my son takes a lot longer. Oh well, at least it has a remote.


SonyaM - March 25

We have the Sa__sy mobile too and we love it. Well, my son does anyway. It has three or four diffeent settings, plus the remote control. And the "toys" on it for the baby to look at can be taken off and used as rattles later. Very cool toy.


Meredith - March 26

I have the mobile from my first dd, I dont know if they still make it but it rocks, it has the remote, 8 or so songs, a nightlite that shine down on baby (you can turn it off) and it projects moving stars onto the cant switch the toys out though.....


kimmysmommy - March 26

thank you guys soo much!!! i am going out shopping for a new one TOMORROW!!! i just got the precious moments one bc it matched her stuff, and it was isn't so cute anymore! lol. and this is my first i didn't know all these cool ones existed! remotes...thats awesome! i have only gotten up 4 times since i got on the computer 15 min. ago~~~~~~~~until tomorrow......thanks again!!! :)



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