Such A Light Sleeper I Can T Put Her Down

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sherry - October 13

everytime i put my baby down for a nap...BOOM, she is wide awake. she really doesn't nap at all, unless she is in my arms, and my arms are breaking! she is 10 wks! anyone else?? ps- and every noise, seems to make her eyes wide open. even something like a pin dropping i swear!


Ginger - October 13

Daycare took care of that problem. Conner King sleeps through the whole night from 10 til 6. They got him on a schedule and with all the kids in other cla__s rooms down the hall, there is never a silent moment. Good luck.


miranda - October 13

You might want to try putting her in her own room for a nap where there are no distractions, and letting her cry for a few minutes to see if she'll go to sleep. She is still pretty little, but as she gets older you can teach her to go to sleep on her own by letting her cry and rea__suring her every few minutes.


sherry - October 13

yeah, iam such a wus, i have never let her cry for a second, when i can help it that is. i run stright to her, before she makes a peep, cause i wanna be there for her, but i hear that they really need to learn to soothe themselevs to sleep eventually, w/o us rocking, and singing, and swaddling etc, but it's so hard, and i don't know if that statement is made for babies this youg, but i do apprecuate any and all advice...thank you. sherry


Jane - October 20

Babies do not need to learn to soothe themselves, that is saying they need to learn that you will not be responding to them. As she gets bigger, it will get easier. The latest issue of Mothering magazine has some good advice regarding light sleepers and the reality of letting children cry it out. There are also a lot of studies from outside the United States that you can find online. Several of my kids are now adults and this time goes by so quickly, as hard as it is, enjoy every moment. There is also a book you jmight want to look into called Sweet Dreams about infant sleep.


Susan - October 20

Great article here!


Karen - October 20

I hear you girl. My little guy is 7 weeks and have the seem problem. Espically at night. He will go sleep on my chest or arms and sleep forever. Once I put him down BOOM he is awake and fussy, put him back and he his sleeping like a baby again (Sorry for the pun). He also gets really upset with me when I try to put him down fussing , kicking and punching all about. Once on my chest or in my arms he is content again. He will sleep up to four hours . My arms are killing me too cause he his getting heavier. I also hate hearing him cry and I LOVE cuddling and kissing him


P - October 20

My daughter is seven months old now and she was like that at first. I had to sleep with her on my chest for the first couple of months, then she slept in bed with me (not a great idea), then she slept in her ba__sinet beside my bed and now she sleeps in her room in her crib. She doesn't nap very well during the day (half an hour three times a day) but she sleeps great at night; usually (she's teething now) from 7:30pm to 8am waking once to eat around 4:30am. It's just something they'll take a little time to grow out of and then you'll miss it when they do. lol My daughter is very happy and friendly, she's not sucky or spoiled (yet) and I've only just started to let her cry a little longer (3-5 mins.) just to tire her out so she'll go to sleep (she fights going to sleep sometimes). I've never let her "cry it out" or cry herself to sleep.



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