Sudden Crying Episodes

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Kel - July 8

My dd is 15 weeks old and the past couple of days she has had sudden crying epdisodes. Like her eyes swell up and get glassy like she was would even have she is in pain of some sort. These have happened at different times of the day each time. Sometimes she's just eaten and other times it's close to time to eat and I try to give her bottle, but she won't take it. I don't know what is causing her pain and making her crying. My guess it's either gas, her reflux or her teeth?? I can usually hear her refluxing sometimes, so I'm not sure its that.....but sometimes when she has these episodes she'll push her legs straight out and stiffen them....could this be gas?? I tried giving her some gas drops yesterday during the episode and it eventually calmed her down, but then about an hour later she has another episdoe. She is also drooling like crazy lately and won't keep her hands out of her mouth. She has no temp or anything like that...she did have a firmer poop yesterday but earlier before that she had a soft poop (earlier in the day) - could she possible have a tummy ache or something??? I don't know what to think. I wish she could just tell me what was wrong. These crying spells usually come on suddenly, she'll be happy as pie and them boom - she turns that smile upsides down and starts to wail.....She's been having them with me when we are out in public (ie 4th of July picnic and yester and in-law's house). She also has two episodes with family members whne they were babysitting her the past two days. I just don't know what to do. They last about 15 minutes and once she's done she's as happy as can be again. Sorry for the rambling here....


Bonnie - July 8

It's so tough isn't it? And it's so hard to tell when something is wrong. It's probably all of them combined. Teething can also cause reflux flare ups. It's one of thsoe things where there is not a lot you can do about it. If she is doing this all day though you may want to put a call in to the doc to evaluate her reflux meds just to be sure. Mason is on 2 different reflux meds and still has issues. I hate that he still hurts. But it's no where near as bad as it was. Recently he became much worse so I put a call in to the GI and she upped his reflux meds to see if that helped and it did. A call to the doc never hurts, right?


Rabbits07 - July 8

It just breaks your heart when you can't figure out what is wrong so you can make it better, doesn't it? Sounds like it could be teething with all the drooling and hand chewing. The gas or the reflux are possibilities, too.....I think babies should learn to talk FIRST, all that rolling over and stuff isn't half as useful as being able to understand them would be :-) I have noticed over the years that the amount a baby cries is not always equal to their pain....I think they get frustrated and the crying from the frustration tends to be worse. Mason has had a few episodes on me that I never did really figure out...I'm a__suming it was gas. There have also been times he would just start screaming like something horrible was wrong, but as soon as I picked him up he would be quiet.


Kel - July 8

I know, I sure wish she would talk!! I just feel so bad for her, me picking her up doesn't even calm her down. So far today, she's been OK. I went back to work on Thursday and we had a busy weekend with the 4th, etc - lots of picnics - so who knows maybe its getting off her regular routine mixed with her gas, refluxx (and possibly teething) issues??



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