Suddenly Over Night And After Shots

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austinsmom - June 30

So yesterday was lo 6 month birthday and unfortunatly his 6 month ck up and shots.....I thought shots went better than ever before and things seemed to go well.....last night lo woke up numerous times crying and coughing with congestion....his nose suddenly started running and he just seems all together miserable.....all of this occured overnight!!!! He is a miserable little boy and is moaning said my husband as of 10 min ago....this seems very sudden to have happened overnight....I called doctor office they said it has nothing to do with the shots that maybe he picked it up in the dtr office but wow for it to have taken hold so quickly does this sound right to you guys? When I leave work I will go to store for some medicine to help this awfull congestion is there anything yall can recommend for my little sweet pea to help him through this? Thank you in advance.....


austinsmom - June 30

leaving to go home in 15 min does anyone have any recommendation of med that worked well?


AprilMum - June 30

I'm sorry that I don't have a recommendation, I really just wanted to let you know your question didn't go unnoticed! I can say you might try putting a humidifier in the room with him tonight, and maybe try Little Noses. Poor guy; hope tomorrow is better!


austinsmom - June 30

thank you aprilmum I hope he is better tomarrow too!!!


Narcissus - June 30

Is it mostly a cough or is it nasal congestion. I would use Robitussin Pediatric Cough for chest congestion or Childrens Benadryl for nasal congestion. Hope he gets better soon. Sounds coincidental to me but some kids will come down with a bug that they were fighting b4 the shots bc getting the vaccines compromises their immune system even more, making it harder for their bodies to fight anything they already were fighting. Does this make sense??


punkin01 - July 1

i do realize this post was left yesterday but in hopes you still may catch up on the answers try the johnson's vapor bath when my dd was congested it really helped loosen it up during her bath then it was easily removed and i bought a "plug in" for the room for kids she is still in the room with me and her daddy and it even helped us breath and remember vicks vapor rub your mom probably used on u as a kid well they have it for babies too its good too hope that little one does ok


austinsmom - July 3

thank you ladies for you suggestions and concern....I went to the store and was absolutely overwhelmed with all the what a decision!!! I ended up with triametic (sp) for nose and chest congestion and I do have the vicks plug in as well....lo does seem to be doing better....thanks so much guys


HannahBaby - July 3

kids can get sick that fast. My cousins kids had little colds christmas eve and sure enought xmas morning my little one had the sniffles and looked like a train wreck.



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