Suddenly Refusing Bottle

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NatashaV - November 27

Hi! My 3 month old daughter - who's br___tfed, but had been taking a bottle of expressed milk since day 2 every couple of days - is now completely refusing the bottle! This is NOT good..I have relied on the bottles now and then so that dh can take a feeding and I can get out to the store etc. And now with Xmas coming, we have 2 different parties to attend for which I was going to have a sitter give her the bottle are looming... If I'd known that not giving her a bottle for about a week would make her cry at the sight of it, I would never have stopped. :( Anyone go through this? Suggestions needed...urgently. Thanks...


pregnantjackie - November 27

Maybe she is ready to move up to a stage 2 nipple?


mommybabyboy21 - November 27

try having your dh going to your lo with the bottle and not having you in her view. Most LO go through this stage when they are mostly bf. They love the b___st and want just that but if they don't see it they may settle for the bottle


MelissaK - November 27

This works for us. If she is using a pacifier, start her on the pacifier to get her going, then do a quick switch out to the bottle. Works like a charm.


IrinaZ - November 27

My son went through this when he was about 2,5 mo old. We kept on trying for about a month - no luck. We've tried different bottles, nipple sizes, me not being in the room or even in the house. He also was never big on pacifiers. Then, about 2 weeks ago (he is 5 mo now) he started taking bottles again and really likes pacifiers. I have no explanation! Maybe it was just some kind of strange phase.


Gretta - November 28

Oooh I remember those days. My b___stfed daughter did the same thing around the same age and one mom gave me great words of advice that worked. Stop offering her a bottle until enough time has pa__sed that she forgets she didn't want to take one- for us it was a week. I just skipped it and didn't even offer it to her and a week later she was fine. Good luck


kristine - November 29

Good luck! My son started refusing the bottle at 4 months and still refuses it now at almost 7 months. We are working on the sippy cup, although it isn't as big of a deal now that he goes for a while longer inbetween nursing sessions (at least 4 hours). The only time it is a real pain is if I have somewhere to be around his bedtime (which is early....6:30). I hope you find something that works for you. If not, start practicing with the sippy!!


NatashaV - November 30

Thanks ladies! I'm happy to report that I tried a couple of things that were suggested, and had some minor success this morning. I poked holes in one of the nipples (was too early to go buy the Stage 2), and also distracted her by having her in the bouncy chair. She didn't like it, and kept sticking her tongue out for the first 5 minutes, but she eventually worked her way through the whole 2 ounces! yay! I'm just hopeful that this wasn't a one-off and that she had a breakthrough. Will try her again tomorrow...thanks so much for your replies! Now...problem #2 and no pun intended, but it has to do with her bm's. She was a baby who was pooping ALL the time, and now suddenly, no poop! She went for a barium swallow last week to check for acid reflux, and only drank a very small amount of barium (less than half an ounce). Since then, she's only had one bm, and it was orangey in color, slightly thicker than her usual, and not a lot of it. That is, she went 3 days w/out a bm, and now she's on day 5 without one! She also has been very ga__sy and her toots are smelly (tmi..sorry!). Anyone have this happen to their baby? Did the poop eventually show up? Thanks again ladies!


KimS - November 30

Natasha, just stick with it, it's likely just a phase, we did 1 bottle a day since 3 weeks old and for about a week at 10 wks he refused the bottle then went right back to it, I know of a couple of other women who had the same problem. Good luck!


Prego1 - November 30

Natasha-- the barium is constipating. I gave dd some prune juice to get it out of her system. Just 1 oz. Her ped. suggested it. DD is also 3 months old. I noticed she also got ga__sy and now her bm are different than before.


KOGreer - December 2

I unfortunately have had the same problem, and have no encouraging words to offer. My son started taking a bottle at 2 weeks old, we gave one to him of b___st milk every day or two. When he was around 7 weeks old he suddenly stopped taking it. He gags when he sees the bottle now. Drama king. He is now 21 weeks. I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of, and everything that has been suggested on this post. I haven't even tried giving him a bottle in a few weeks; it had become exhausting playing that game with him. He is on cereal now, which is good, so i guess if I had to go somewhere, atleast my husband could give him some solids. He just may end up thirsty. And as of a week ago he stopped taking a paci. Overnight. I wonder what goes through their little heads while sleeping that makes him wake up and decide he doesn't want it anymore! So now I am just worried about when it comes time to wean. I told myself from the beginning I would go 6 mo's b___stfeeding, and that is coming up in three weeks. Then what???


NatashaV - December 3

Tonight she took a bottle from dh! I'm so relieved... I was out shopping and we were testing her, he said she took it no problems..phew! Maybe it has to do with the fact that I poked a bunch of holes in it, or the bouncy chair, or maybe even that she was spooked by the bottle since her barium swallow the week before !?! (barium was given to her in a bottle while she was held down:() Not sure, but I'm really glad she's taking it again, all I could think about were xmas parties and other things that I wouldn't be able to go to. Thanks again ladies. As for the poop question, I may post it because I really don't know what to do! I guess I could phone the doc, but I suspect he'd tell me to wait it out. Thanks prego for the tip about prune juice, it makes sense to me but I'm still a bit leery of trying that in case her body really is just using up all the food - BUT her bad gas makes me think there may be some backlog in there..poor thing. How long after you gave 1oz of prune juice did baby poop? Thanks!



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