Suddenly Refusing To Eat

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piratesmermaid - January 17

We started Gretchen on solids at 4months (rice cereal) and baby food at 5months. Suddenly at 6months she doesn't want solids anymore! I might get her to eat a spoonful or two, when just two days ago she'd eat a whole jar at each sitting! She is still br___tfeeding fine though. What is going on???


Rabbits07 - January 17

Sometimes they go through spurts like that. They may eat ravenously for a week or so and then up and act like they don't like anything. I wouldn't really worry about it since she is still b___stfeeding fine. She'll start eating the solids again when she's ready. In the meantime just keep trying and she'll let you know when she's over her "strike". ;-)


kellens mom - January 17

Pirates-I posted this same topic earlier today! Maybe it is something in the air. Or possibly a full moon?


Bonnie - January 17

Mason has DEFINATELY gone through these spurts. One week, he is eating me out of household. The next week he barely touches anything.


ashtynsmom - January 17

My dd would get like this when she was teething.


rl- - January 17

my ds acted like this when teething then he would go back to normal when the tooth cut thru......


piratesmermaid - January 17

'Course, tonight she ate her sweet potatoes fine... Maybe she's just tired of peas and/or rice. We'll try the oatmeal tomorrow for the first time, see if she takes that okay...... She could be teething though I guess. Her bottom 2 teeth are all the way in, maybe the top ones are coming through??


^lucy^ - January 18

my dd is 8 months old and she has been on solids since she was 4months old.. she definately would never eat cereal not one spoon since she turned 6 months.. she just hates it!! she likes our food and im giving it to her pureed b4 putting salt and pepper on it.. she likes that.. but sometimes when she's teething she would never accept anything other than my milk.. it could be that she's teething?


piratesmermaid - January 18

The more I think about it, teething seems to be likely. Hard stuff (like the empty wipes container) is going back into the mouth. Though we just tried mac&cheese for the first time, and that went down the hatch no problem.



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