Sugar Crystals In Diaper

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Nick - July 10

The last couple of days I have noticed, what looks like clear sugar crystals in my 10 month old son's diapers. Does anyone know what this could be?


melanie - July 10

I think it is the gel in the diaper that may have come out. thats happened before when the diaper gets too full or has a little hole in it.


Annette - July 10



HannahBaby - July 10

its the gel from the diaper.....Dont worry a few months ago my daugher picked her diaper apart and ate all of the gel!! She woke up before i did and decided to rip a hole in her diaper. I called Poison Controll and they said totally nothing to worry about


Nick - July 10

thanks. I was afraid that he had some kind of infection. When I think about it, it was the really full diapers in the morning and after naps that I noticed this.


sahmof3 - July 10

Ok, I've had that diaper gel stuff, too, but two weeks ago mt DH was watching my 2 1/2 yo daughter and he said there were crystals in her urine. I just a__sumed it was the diaper gel b___s, but when i saw it it wasn't. They were square crystals that looked like a few tsps. of sugar I took her to the ped and they were called urate crystals. They tested her for UTI, it was negative. She was acting fine otherwise. He said it can be from being out in the heat too long or not drinking enough! So, he said it's harmless in that instance, but RARELY can indicate something more serious, like kidney stones. Anyway, he said she'd be screaming if that were the case. I'd call your ped to confirm.


Bonnie - July 10

You just beat me to it. ;) I was going to say that it can be a dehydration issue so make sure it's actually gel and not somethign else. If any doubts, call the ped.


Nick - July 12

I did read on-line about these urate crystals, but I thought they had a rusty tint to them. Did the doctor say anything about color?


sahmof3 - July 12

My doctor didn't mention anything about color. My daughter's were clear. The day b/f it happened I had to work, but my dh took them to an outdoor wedding on his side of the family. He kept them drinking, but it was 95 degrees that day, so I think that's what caused it.


MichelleB - July 12

I also heard that it could be when baby is dehydrated or not getting enough fluid. If the diaper was not tore, I would keep an eye out for it and have him drink a bit of water in addition to everything else.


Nick - July 12

I called the doctor and they want to see him in the morning. I gave him an extra bottle of pedialyte, this afternoon and left a sippy cup of water on the coffee table all day. I will have to se what the doctor says in the morning. Thank you for your help.



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