Suggestions On What I Will Need For Baby

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yungmama - March 14

Hello, I am 31 weeks pregnant. I thought I would ask some experienced moms what I will need for baby. I have a baby registry with lots of stuff on it. However, my invitations were not even sent out yet and a lot of it is purchased. I wanted to add some things that I may need and maybe that a lot of people don't think of. Does anyone have any suggestions. Maybe there is something you never thought you would need and now realize it is great and can't live without it.


Kelly K - March 14

We could not possibly live without our bouncy seat. It's been a real life saver since the baby hates her swing. The other thing I love is our formula dispencer. It has 3 compartments to put premeasured formula in. It's great to take out especially if someone else is going to be watching the baby.


TRP - March 14

As long as you get the basics, like diapers, wipes, clothes, etc., you'll be fine. One item that we did get that was great for letting me get stuff done around the house without having to hold my dd all day, was the bouncer seat. We put her in it when she was 2 weeks old. She loved it. She slept in it (not at night) and played in it up until about 5 months. Then it got boring to her. But I would suggest that. It seems like we got tons of stuff that we didn't even use!


YC - March 14

I would get the book "The Happiest Baby on the Block" and the miracle blanket at I could not live without these. I am a 1st time mommy and unexpectidely had a very colicky baby. These two things are lifesavers and they would work great weather your baby has colic or not. I also love the bouncy seat.


Heidi - March 14

Bouncy Seat was awesome...if your baby likes it that is. Emma still likes hers at 5 months old. I didn't use my swing that much but that's one lots of moms can't live without. I too ended up with way too much stuff from my shower. One thing I didn't get that I needed was cloth diapers for burp rags. I got tons of nice receiving blankets but they're not good for burp rags. I went and bought a package of gerber cloth diapers. I have one everywhere I go it seems. I have a stack of receiving blankets that I don't know what to do with. I got TONS of little infant mittens that we never even used cus they fell off all the time. Make sure you have some nice peanut sack outfits with the built in mittens. Those are so nice. You don't need much the first couple months and you can usually make due with what you have. Maybe an infant tub for your kitchen sink once the cord falls off. I had to buy one myself too. They're cheap though. Make sure your bouncy seat has the vibrator deal. That would put Emma to sleep every time!!!!


Shelly - March 14

Bouncy seat with vibrator AND a toybar!! Jesse is 7 months old and still loves it.And don't take all the tags off from the clothes,babies do grow faster than you think!!! Make sure you don't have too many 0-3 months,but you may want to purchase 2-3 newborn outfits,they are most of the time really tiny those first days.I know Jesse was.And get a convertible carseat,those others don't last but a few months.Are you going to b___stfeed or formula?


Sarahsmommy - March 14

My baby swing, is the major thing I could not live without. I also like the target diapers and they are way cheaper then other diapers. I would get sensitive baby wipes. I also HAVE to have my gripe water. I would find this before baby is born because it can be hard to find, and you can use if for just about everything. Also Johnson and Johnsons and other generic companys make lavander bath stuff and lotion, that's good for calming down baby also.


Shelly - March 14

And get onesies that snap on the side,not the ones that go over the head,those where a pain!!!


jg - March 14

One of our best gifts was a 100% wool sheepskin. Our boy has used it every single day since he was born and he is now 9 months old. When he was tiny we could just lay him on it on the floor (the playmat didn't have enough soft padding), and even now we still lay him on it when we dress him.


natalia - March 15

I had playpen (that has ba__sinet and changing table) in the livingroom. We used it alot during those first few months. My baby took a nap in it. We can change his diaper there. And underneath I stored all of his toys and stuffs that he still couldn't use yet. Agree with above posts, bouncer is a life saver. My son got bored in the swing quickly.


yungmama - March 15

Thank you for everyone's advice. To Shelly: I am going to try b___stfeeding. I say try because I don't want to get my hopes up. I may start to alternate on formula if I can't pump enough because I do have to return to work. I did get a bouncy seat, swing, play yard etc. I just don't want to miss anything. Even if it is stuff I don't desperately need but would come in handy. I need to have more stuff for people to purchase and they have already bought all these things.


psychology - March 15

I can't live without the bouncy chair (it vibrates) daughter often sleeps in it and loves it. Also, when all fails to stop her crying, the swing works!! And an ELECTRIC (I started out with a manual)'s so worth it!!


Heidi - March 15

Register for a nice electric pump if you're returning to work. I have the Medela Pump In Style and I work 40 hours a week and only have to pump in the morning before work and once at lunchtime and that is plenty for my little one while at daycare and then I nurse at night. They sell them at Target for $250.00. Maybe some people will buy you gift cards towards it or something. Register for lanolin cream for your b___sts too, pads, all that stuff.


pbj - March 15

Everything above is absolutely true...esp about the book Happiest baby on the Block. The following are my biggest regrets not buying before my dd arrived. Reading different parenting books while I still had time to read and decide what I'd like to try. Purchasing a wipe warmer, many people will say they're a waste of money, but when it's middle of the night and baby needs a change, nothing wakes them up faster than cold wipes. I love, I mean absolutely love sleep need to worry if baby is cold and no worry about blankets. They work really well especially when baby starts to kick/move around a bit you don't have to worry about blankets around their face or loosing them all together.


sdixon82 - March 16

I also love the bouncy vibrating seat!! We have a small very sunny studio apartment and I find that it is often too bright and my baby has a hard time falling asleep. I put him in his bouncy chair near the bathroom (the darkest part of the apt.) with the shower on and he's asleep in a minute! Also, since he is not a good napper yet, I have little time to shower. I put him in his seat in the bathroom and he either sleeps or plays with the toys on it! He loves it! I would definitly get one.


Annette - March 17

Something that I am really happy to have received at my baby shower is the Boppy nursing pillow. Has been amazing for b___stfeeding, in various positions giving the baby tummy time and put him to sleep and play with his toy bar. Totally agree with pbj on the wipewarmer; my son cried his lungs out every change until someone recently gave me one. I also got a First Years cd player for the crib, excellent present, you have no idea how the soft music soothes down my little monster. I also suggest a sling, my son and I adore it. Microwave sterilizer... well, I don´t have one but I wish I did!!!


AmandaManns - March 18

We bought everything under the sun for my little boy and he doens't like anything. He liked his bouncer for about 3 weeks and will only sit in his swing for about 20 min and then gets bored with it. He is just now 3 months old and nothing really satisfies him at all. He just wants to cry and be held all the time.



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