Sunken Fontanelle

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ssmith - May 21

I just noticed that my daughter's fontanelle on the top of her head feels a bit sunken in today. Isn't that supposed to be sign of dehydration or under-feeding? My girl (3.5 weeks) always has lots of wet & poopie diapers, so I'm pretty sure she's eating enough....any ideas? As a new mom, this discovery really freaked me out!!


ash2 - May 21

well i would definantly call the doc and take her in for a checkup in the morn. i have heard this could be a sign of dehydration, or it might be her soft spot.but it doesnt seem to hurt to get it checked out.


kimberley - May 21

You say it feels sunken in....can you see that it is sunken? If you can see it, I would go to the doctors/hospital now...if you can feel that it is a bit sunken, just give a bit of water, and keep an eye on her. Is she feeding everry 4 hours? Is she getting overheated at all? Sometimes I have thought my DD has her soft spot sunken, but its not....a rule of thumb is feeling sunken not so bad, seeing sunken needs attention. As you said she is weeing lots so I am sure she is OK. It is hard being a first time Mum.....I hope everything is OK.


ssmith - May 21

You can't see that its sunken...but it feels more sunken than usual....I don't know. I'm terribly neurotic these days!! I'll have it checked out...she's feeding constantly I can't see how she'd be dehydrated....hmmmm


ash2 - May 21

hey ssmith, you may not know this, but your pediatricians office has a 24 hour calling system where either a nurse or doc is on call 24 hours a day. just call the number to the office, and it should direct you to an answering service.if not, call your local hospital and ask to be transfered to a pediatric nurse and ask her.


Lisastar9 - May 21

To Kimberley I want to warn you water doeesn't help with dehydration please give pedelite(sp) for this it as electrilites the body needs,water only causes more problems,A baby of 15 months dies two monthss age cause the parents gave their child water.


Bonnie - May 21

Mason's soft spot is usually slightly depressed as well. But he always pees a ton. I would use your gut instincts on it. If she is not sick and peeing and eating fine, you could call the doc. If you think she may be dehydrated though I would take her in.


ssmith - May 22

I am almost positive she's not dehydrated...her diapers are always heavy, and she's active & alert. I will call the clinic just to inquire though....this is very odd.


kimberley - May 22

lisastar you are right...if a baby IS dehydrated, dont give water.........I remember now reading about that baby, very sad. I wasn't thinking that ssmith baby would be that bad......The baby who died, they must have been so dehydrated that its blood had gone thick....That is how dehydration affects you...the water in your blood evaporates, and your blood goes thick......I hope I haven't sent anyone on the wrong path....sorry everyone, and thanks lisa for pointing that out.



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