Super Fussy Baby

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Brit - August 16

For the past week my son has been acting soooo very different than usual. He is getting teeth so I blame his crying on his teething. I haven't noticed any other reasons for his crying so I think it's basically the teething. Everynight I put him to bed at the usual time I have since he was born and he just cries constantly. Last night, he cried until 2AM so I took him for a ride in the car and he fell asleep. Tonite he was acting tired so I put him to bed and he cried so I took him for another car ride and he woke up and now he is crying as I speak. I've tried Tylenol, I've tried teething toys, I've tried cold wash cloths, I've tried car rides. Do you think there could be other reasons for his crying? I don't know if the pediatrician would think anything of it. He is almost 11 months and JUST started teething so do you think he is getting more teeth than one? His crying is always at bedtime too.


Michelle - August 17

oooohhh thats a tough one. I think I would take him to the doctor to make sure there is nothing else wrong. Yes sounds like teething, but you are doing everything that you should and apparently its not helping. I am sorry for you frustration. Only thing I could suggest is trying some orajel or uping the dose something on the infant motrin. I wish I could help ya more.


E - August 17

Tylenol should have helped him, if he was in pain from teething. I would also visit the doc, to rule out other causes. Have his ears looked at. Maybe he has an ear infection? Sometimes, when babies are not feeling well, they become very dependent and clingy. This might explain why he is crying at bedtime. He might feel upset when you leave him b/c of teething, or a possible ear infection. Let us know how it goes. I am sorry you have to deal with this. It is no fun when your baby is miserable.


Brit - August 17

Thanks for your help everyone! My son is doing "a bit" better tonite, the only thing is, he is sitting here helping me type and it's 10:20PM. He keeps rubbing his eyes and yawning but everytime I put him to bed, he cries. He took his usual nap today and usually he'd be in bed by now. Maybe hes going through a growth spurt and wants to stay up longer but I just don't know. He is just acting weird and I'm at a loss for words.



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