Superbowl Plans

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krnj - February 4

Anyone have plans for the Superbowl today? We're just hanging at home. It's too cold to go out!! lol


shelly22 - February 4

My moms coming over to babysit!! Yeah, we get a couple hours to go out, so we're going to a superbowl party at my hubby's friends house. It's freezing here!! Its 1 degrees right now!!


Nerdy Girl - February 4

We're having our parents over here and making homemade pizzas. My grandma just decided not to come due to the cold weather.


Deirdra - February 4

Every sunday my grnadparents and cousins and aunts and uncles (both my mom and dad ((Divorced)) and stepoparents dont get along with them/ or live to far away) but yea we all go to my uncle and godmom's house anyways so we are all going there...the best thing? I get a brake...with my gramma and my cousin (who has a 3 yr old) and my aunts and such i wont get to hold him until i go


mcatherine - February 4

We are having friends over (half the neighborhood it seems) - mostly they invited themselves since my husband got a High Def 47" LCD TV for his birthday last August (he gave it to himself - I'm not that generous, haha). They started calling last week to inquire about our do you say? They'll know if we're here! So, I'll be playing wing waitress all night long! I just hope it doesn't go too, too late - I'm worried they'll wake the baby later!! Everyone have fun!


k.p.j.e. - February 4

lol mcatherine--my husband buys himself all his presents too....he bought himself the exact tv you are talking about from Best Buy...and he even wrote me a thank-you for it! what a smart-a__s. Anyway he doesn't want any company today because he likes silence during any sporting events. Esp. UFC pay-per-view.


mcatherine - February 4

kpje - he does it all the time - he comes home with something and then says Tthis is what I want for ____ (insert occasion here)! Its funny! I didn't get a thank you note for it, though - lol! He was like a little kid on Halloween because we're all outside with our kids and he got to show it off to! I guess I'll never understand what it is about tv, sports and men - I guess as long as it makes them happy, right? He loves sports - but football especially. This is his favorite week of the year because they show all of the old superbowls - I'm certain what he missed, he tivo'ed to watch later this week. Enjoy the game!


Rabbits07 - February 4

I have to work, but GO BEARS!


eclipse - February 4

Today is Superbowl Sunday? oops...



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