Suppositories Amp The Poopless

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KLT - February 15

My son is 4 mos...hasn't pooped in 6 days. Before this he didn't poop for 5 days, so I gave him 4oz of Gerber pear juice and that flushed him out the next day. He went 6 times and then that was it, hasn't gone since. Now he won't take the juice - fights me when I try to give it to him (even watered down) and i've tried Karo syrup which isn't working. Last nite I gave him a suppository and that didn't work. I gave him another one this afternoon - thinking maybe I didn't shove yesterdays one in far enough?? So far nothing. Any advice? I have some of that oral laxative stuff (Little Tummies I think its called??) and may try that... but before I do, i'd like to hear what you all think.


Rans - February 15

My dd will not drink juice so what I do to get it into her is make ice cubes and put them in her mesh feeder. She will munch on it and suck the juice off the melting ice cube. She will easily have 2-4 ice cubes at one sitting. How about a belly ma__sage? Warm bath and leg exercises? You may have to try the little tummies, but personally I would exhaust all other options first (nasty laxative explosions can't be fun for anyone...) Apple sauce mixed with prunes do the trick for my daughter, have you tried good old prunes? This sounds gross, but I have also heard of babies getting their temp taken rectally stimulates them into pooping......haven't tried that personally, only heard that from a retired nurse friend of mine. Can't really think of anything else right now. Hope your little man has some success soon, no poop = misery for everyone!


Bonnie - February 15

If the suppository didn;t work, I would call the ped. :(


LisaB - February 15

I second Bonnie call the ped


KLT - February 15

I've been giving him belly ma__sages and leg exercises. I just called my mom who watches him during the day while I work and he still hasn't pooped. Its been 2.5 hours since I gave him the suppository. He isn't eating solids yet so I don't know about the apple sauce and prunes, and since he fought the juice so bad I doubt he'd want prune juice. When I gave him the suppository this afternoon, I used a rectal thermometer to shove it up in there and then swirled the stick around in there to stimulate.. I'll definitely call the pedi tomorrow if he still hasn't pooped. I think tonight i'll try the laxative drops and a warm bath for him. The ice cubes sound like a good idea too. How old was your dd Rans, when you first gave the mesh feeder? Is 4 mos too young? Thanks for your input ladies! : )


KLT - February 15

AHHH!!! HE POOPED!!!!! I just got a call from my mom. Oooh, I'm SO happy!!! Phew!


kellens mom - February 15

Why didn't I think of that strategy...give my kid a suppository and ship her off to grandma! LOL! On the topic of poop - boy did we have a doozy this morning. Normally, we call them "code brown" (you know how emergency situations have different color codes?) Anyway, there was no code for this baby. I swear it smelled like something died. Nasty, nasty, nasty. How can such a cute little girl produce something so aweful! I


Rans - February 15

My dd first used her mesh feeder about 6 months, only because that is when I bought it. The package says about 5 months but our doc says it is fine to use earlier, there is no way they can choke but some babies may not know what to do with it earlier. Congrats on the poop!! You know your a mom when congratulations are in honour of bodily functions!


KLT - February 15

Haha, Rans I was just thinking about that and laughing to myself thinking Look at me, getting all excited over poop. People at work think i'm crazy b/c after I got the phonecall, I was jumping in my seat. The gal who sits near me asked what it was all about and I told her My son pooped!! haha.. As for the mesh feeder, I think I got one at the baby shower, I'll give it a try. He definitely loves chewing on things..mainly his fists. Kellens mom - we are constantly amazed at the big smells that come out of his little body!! He's got his daddy beat at times..haha.. dh would kill me if he heard me talking now! But WOW...the farts that this little boy has produced lately...omg!! And the grandma strategy..heh heh...she got it both times he had a doozy! >:-)


AshleyB - February 15

That is hilarious, but oh so true about getting all excited about poop. I remember the first time I left my ds with my dh and went out by myself, he called me on the cell phone to tell me how it was going, and I asked if he pooped and he couldn't understand me and after a few muffled "did he poop"? 's and him saying, What?? I finally had to say it really loud, I was in a dressing room at the mall and there were abunch of other people in there too. Funny, but embarra__sing. So I totally understand, I get so happy when ds poops, because he's always constipated too.


luviduvi - February 15

Yes! Poop is COOL! I hate to think of a baby being constipated :-(. Remember that "first bowel movement" after your first baby? UGHHGGHH!!


Bonnie - February 16

Mason is 12 months and on constipation medicine. Poop is a way of life in my house. If I am out, then hubby has to give me the poop report. It's nuts........It figures this would happen to me. I am the girl who goes through half a roll of toilet paper from one turd. Or 15 wipes for each poop exchange. Hubby likes to make fun of my "poop-phobic-issues". Nowadays I find myself cheering to hear that grunt. *sigh*


Bonnie - February 16

Err....that was the poop report on the baby. NOT on the hubby. Yeesh....though he seems to liek to give me that report anyway.


Kara H. - February 16

You may want to try "maintanance juice" to keep things moving. We did this with Max since it seemed like as soon as he would finally go, we would be constapated again. I would substatute one ounce of formula for one ounce of prune juice in one bottle each day. He didn't like to drink straight juice, but he would take in mixed in with his formula. But if you are diluting it in the formula, it really needs to be prune juice to do the job. My ped recommended organic prune juice. I bought a regular size bottle of it and then just freezed it up in ice cube trays and just thawed one a day as needed. That way I wasn't wasting any of the bottle of the organic prune juice.


jilly01 - February 16

Kellens Mom....We call it "code brown" in the hosptial too or a "Bio-Hazard situation"



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