Surviving Teething Amp And 1st Tooth On A Weird Place

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kristina1980 - January 13

hi ladies, my DD is 5 months and few days and looks like we entered the wonderful period of teething. last night we didn't sleep much and during the day, the only comfort she could find was on my chest, which is ok since she is not feeling good. Any other good tips how to make those nights less painful for her except Tylenol when she runs a fever??? AND her first tooth seems to be on the bottom far right, should I be concered, I read that sometimes it happen. thanks.


yogi - January 13

sorry no help here but i just wanted to bump this up for you so you hoppfully you will get an answer


kimberly - January 13

Give her a cold wet wash cloth to chew on or try teethers. Also teething tablets work good most of the time. They help to calm them down so they can rest. You can try baby orajel but it only temporarly relieves the pain. Anything cold feels good. Good Luck and it is normal for the tooth to come in pretty much anywhere. Although it is more common for the middle bottom teeth to come in first.


Allisonc79 - January 14

I would say Tylenol is the best thing if they really seem in pain. It will probably help her sleep as well. Thats what I do, or give her a wet washcloth thats been in the freezer for a few min.


eclectic66 - January 14

We have been dealing with the same thing. My ds is 5.5 months and has been actively teething for the past 2 weeks. During the day we have been alternating between a cool, wet wascloth for him to chew on and Baby Orajel right before he tries to eat (otherwise he won't eat bc it hurts too much) and then right before bed we give him some baby Tylenol. So far so good...he has only woke up a cpl times in the night, but is easily soothed back. Hope that helps. GL.


aliciavr6 - January 14

Infant Motrin seems to help my 7 month old when she had an ear infection. Tylenol didn't seem to do much to help her.


kristina1980 - January 14

thanks ladies, I came up with cold pacifiers. I just leave cup of icy water next to her bed with few paciefiers in it, and when she wakes up because of the pain I just change her binky. Seems to work pretty well. She refuses anything put in her mounth such as OralJel. thanks for your responses and good luck with you dear ones.



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