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mayaB - June 16

Quick question.. (baby is in the background crying) What is swaddling all about? My 1 month old baby boy is awake alot these days and cries a lot. (Driving me crazy) He is healthy and fine. The crying is him just being fussy.. what are your experiences w/ swaddling?


Ang - June 16

In my experience my ds will only stay asleep when swaddled, he'll fall asleep occasionally with being swaddled but always awakes up in a few minutes. I think it gives him a sense of comfort similar to that of being in the womb -- though it's tough now as he has figured outhow to wiggle his lttle hands free every night and I have to re-wrap him after his 4am feeding. (he's almost 6 months now).l


ca_pink - June 16

We stopped swaddling our baby after 2 weeks and started to swaddle her again around 4 weeks based on our pedi's rec. We now swaddle our baby for all naps and bedtime. At 6 weeks, she started sleeping 6-8 hours at night (a lot less when she escapes the swaddle). Swaddling is now part of her nap/bedtime routine. When we start swaddling, she knows it's nap/bedtime. We have a "Swaddle Me" velcro wrap but she escapes it, so we use the thermal cotton blankets from Gerber (from Target) to swaddle her. It's a little stretchy so we're able to swaddle her snuggly. I've heard that the snugness/pressure from the swaddle allows babies to relax their muscles so that they can sleep better. Good luck!


Ca__sieSong - June 16

Swaddling was a must with my dd! We bought the miracle blanket and she slept swaddled until she was 4 months. It really helped to soothe her because her little arms (when she was a newborn) wouldn't fly out of control and wack her in the head. You can find the Miracle Blanket online. We used a sheet cut to size, but she'd get out of that. Try it! Good luck!


Mel_C - June 16

Swaddling sometimes makes babies cry harder initially - this was the case with my ds. But it can make them a LOT easier to soothe! After watching the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD I tried swaddling again, this time adding a jiggling movement and some continuous "sshhh"ing, and BAM! Sleeping baby. :-) Shame it doesn't work so well now he's older (4m)!


ash2 - June 16

you can also buy a swaddler at babies r us for around 10 dollars. works like a charm. my son is 3 weeks old.


bbelmore - June 16

mine just crys a little then pa__ses out, never swaddle, but he does like to be bundled after a bath


jas - June 16

Mine won't have anything to do with it. He kicks out. Has been since he was about three weeks old. He dosn't like anything on him tight / snuggly... lol - I love my little odd ball...


Jmom - June 17

We swaddled my 3 mos old ds until a few weeks ago. He loved it and wold sleep through the night. We took a course on swaddling, but I liked the Swaddle Me Blanets best- the gingam ones worked best b/c they were not as strechy. The other ones my ds could wiggle his arms out of.



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