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monica - October 9

My baby is already 11 weeks old and cant sleep without being swaddled. Did or does anyone have this problem and how did you wean baby off being swaddled.


babies preference/love you mom - October 10

I don't know how much interference that plays in your life style or ability to get your own rest but there is the pleasurable positiive side of it too . Seeing the comfort to the little one will bring you closer, so cherish it, because they grow up so fast , and don't worry you won't be swaddling your child when he/she is 18


Jamie - October 10

I don't get the above post...but whatever. How is swaddling a problem? Why do you feel the need to stop swaddling your infant? My daughter started kicking out of her swaddle so I stopped swaddling her. If she hadn't, I would still be swaddling.


Tahlia's Mama - October 10

I swaddled my daughter for about 3 months, and I thought she would never sleep without being swaddled after that. But I tried it, and the first night she woke up a few times, but the next night and every one after she is sleeping fine. It is recommended for babies with sleeping problems until 3 months, but you'll know what is best for your little one. Maybe try day time rests without being swaddled, and see how you go.


Lissi - October 10

I wouldn't worry about it. Your baby will decide when she doesn't need to be swaddled anymore. Like Jamie said, they get strong enough to kick themselves free eventually. My 3 week old loves to be swaddled too. She slept for 5 hours last night, due to the magic of a good swaddle! I have a friend who's son slept swaddled for a whole year, but he got fed up with it eventually.


KH - October 10

I was going to post the exact question. my babe is 12 weeks and I don't see him not being swaddled anytime soon :-)


monica - October 10

I am not sure if he still wants to be swaddled or if he still needs it. Last night I tried but he fussed and cried so then I swaddled him and he went to sleep for 6 1/2 hours straight. But I have the miracle blanket and he can get himself out of it sometimes. Maybe its me, I am the kind of person that will do anything to avoid habits.



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