Swaddling For How Long

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jenrodel - February 19

ds is almost 5 months old and still likes to be swaddled to fall asleep. He will sleep swaddled in his crib for 4 hours or so. When he wakes up to eat I unwrap him and he spends the rest of the night in bed with me. So he will sleep without the swaddle, but needs it to go to sleep initially. My question is, how long did you swaddle your lo's for? I'm just picturing him as a grown man being swaddled in a giant comforter or something LOL...


mosley12 - February 19

ds is almost 4 months and he still likes to be swaddles


Dawn - February 19

my dd will be 7 months old on the 23rd and she is still swaddled at night, if I don't swaddle her she will pull her dummy out in her sleep and wake herself. I just hope she grows out of the swaddling soon.


CyndiG - February 19

I'm 33 and I still like the covers bunched up under my chin.....


jenrodel - February 19

Haha Cyndi... I like to pull the covers up around me too... maybe it's hereditary lol! And Dawn I know what you mean about the paci... ds constantly yanks it out of his mouth and wakes himself up if not swaddled... yanks it out and then cries lol... poor boy!


CyndiG - February 19

nope, I don't think it's hereditary, both my girls hate with a capital H covers! I used to literally pin the covers down to the crib mattress (8 years ago!) and Morgan would find her way out! Carlie hates them too! I have to put her to bed in full body armor to keep her warm! LOL!!


Perl - February 19

At some point you can try "tuck him in" instead meaning tuck the blankets underneath his body on both sides or tightly under the mattress on both sides. It's the same idea as swaddling.


MM - February 19

My son never liked being swaddled from the day he was born. We tried every which way but he was like Houdini, he could get out of anything. He just likes having his hands free. So I don't swaddle him or put blankets on him - he'll just get out of them & I don't want him to suffocate himself. I got something from a baby shower though - it's a little sleep outfit thing that's closed at the bottom & has no sleeves - so it keeps him warm but won't suffocate him. Maybe your lo would be comfortable in something like that as it would keep him warm but you wouldn't have to swaddle him & maybe it would help to transition him.



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