Swaddling When To Stop

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renee - March 1

my dd just turned 4 months and we are still swaddling her when she goes to bed for the night. well for the past week she has been waking up in the night and I don't know why. I heard you aren't supposed to feed them so I am not sure if its bec. she isn't wrapped up anymore? I can't keep her wrapped up forever! What do I do?


Kelly K - March 1

We actually swaddled our DD until she was almost 8 months old. She just decided one night that she didn't like it anymore and would fuss if we did. By then she was old enough for a blanket and she transitioned just fine.


AshleyB - March 1

we just stopped a few days ago, ds is 12wks. He's slept much better since with only one waking in the night now.


hthab - March 1

We've just stopped swaddling at 2 months, and it's hard to know if he's waking up when his arms flop around, or if there's some other reason. I've just decided that we're done with it, and that he'll eventually get used to life without it. Have you tried gradually weaning your dd of it by leaving out one arm at a time, or leaving out the legs? We started out just letting the legs hang out for a few nights before taking it away altogether. Not sure if that made a difference though!


Mellissa - March 1

i never did swaddle any of my children. when rylee was born we lived in texas, and it was summer time..so i thought swaddling her was just plain mean (that summer was a record 30 days straight over 100 degrees). and diesel likes to suck on his hands too much. as far as her waking..she could be going through a growth spurt..i noticed my kids wanted to eat more during them, and would wake up a lot. also, if she's teething...that could cause her sleep patterns to change.


Steph - March 1

I still swaddle my 8 month old when he goes to bed at night, but he's unswaddled for his naps. If your lo still needs it, then by all means keep swaddling. I swaddled my daughter (who is 8 now) until she was over a year. They'll let you know when they don't need it anymore.


Lala - March 1

I agree with Steph. Babies are all different, and as long as they get to move freely all through the day (to develop muscles), let them be swaddled at night if they want it.


Steph - March 1

BTW....I don't have to swaddle the 8 year old with a comforter!! :o)


ohbaby - March 1

I actually stopped around 6-8 weeks. My boy did not like his arms being trapped in the swaddle and would figure a way to free his arms... so we figured whats the point.



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