Swadlling For How Long

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yogi - October 17

my dd is 4 month old and i am tring to stop swadlling but she cant control her hads still so i was wondering if it is early to stop,my sil said that as long as i keep swadling her she wont have control over her hand so i just want to know if she is right or she is just talking out of her you know what as usuall.


ImpatientMommy - October 17

My daughter will be 4 months in 9 days and she just completed her first week of not being swaddled. I was also thinking 'shouldn't she be able to sleep without being swaddled at this age?' then all of a sudden I swaddled her and she freaked out! I was like oh my god okay, so I unwrapped her and she just layed there sucking on her soothie and fell asleep. I didn't expect it to last long but she slept all night like that and ever since has been able to sleep unswaddled. I don't know if you can "teach" them to sleep unswaddled. I think that is just comes and you'll know when it's time. She also had the same problem her arms would be flailing all about and knocking her soothie out and what not and I'm like how would she ever be able to fall asleep like this? and then literally overnight she was able to so she might surprise you one of these days!


DDT - October 17

I stopped swaddling my ds at 4 months. He wanted his thumb to much and was getting out of every swaddling blanket on the market. Even the velcro-wrap ones. He still swatted himself in the face occasionely but then learnt to sleep with his hands at his side or above his head.


KBinParis - October 17

To wean your baby off swaddling, start swaddling her leaving one hand free. Also, if you're swaddling her everytime you put her to sleep then stat swaddling her only half the time. For example, don't swaddle her during the day. This might mean that she'll wake up more often but it will help to wean her off the swaddle. Also, she might need to spend more awake time on a mat on her belly and back so that she gets to know her arms and develop strength and control over them. Hope this helps!


excited2bemama - October 17

If your daughter still has the startle reflex then she probably should be swaddled. My 4.5 month old is still swaddling at naps.. otherwise she just can't settle down to sleep. it took a few trys to break her on if at night- YOu will know if she is ready or not. to be swaddled.


kristine - October 17

We stopped around 4.5 months.


madison - October 17

we swaddled our dd until she was almost 5 months! she loved it and would not sleep unless she was swaddled. i tried to stop it at 3 and 4 months, then finally at around 5 months she didnt want to be swaddled anymore and wouldn't cry if i didnt swaddle her. she still had the startle reflex, too, up until about 5 months. and that's around the time she started sleeping on her tummy and rolling over. my dr. said you can swaddle them as long as they want to be! like excited2bemama said, you will know when they are ready to give it up.


wailing - October 17

I think all babies are so different it's hard to say when they should stop being swaddled. My ds suddenly didn't need it anymore at11wks. But he was always a swaddle breaker to begin w/. I think what Paris said is great. Wean them off by letting them have one hand at a time. But in the end...do what is more comfy for ur lo. Ds just didn't like being confined after 11 wks.


MNMOM - October 17

Many babies are swaddled until 5 months. If it comforts your lo and they seem to like it, I would say keep on with it. My son is 4 months and we still swaddle him, just without his hands swaddled.



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