Sweet Little Newborn

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sahmof3 - February 2

My SIL and new baby are visiting and staying next door at my in-laws. I just went over and was a baby hog. Seriously, though, my SIL handed her over and went and took a nap ;-) I love it!!!! Hold the baby... give her to my niece (baby's 17 yo sister) when she cries lol. She's just now in the 7 lb. range and sooo tiny. I'm pretty sure mine were that size when I was about 34-35 weeks pregnant... meaning I never saw them at that size!! I guess I birthed 1 month olds... she is just is tiny and sweet. I miss it.


cae - February 2

ahh.. I would love to hold one at this point. Ethan just turned 1 years old, and he is far from little, 26.5lbs and 32inches. He was born at 9lb 4oz, so he was never really a little bittly baby. His newborn picutures(the pics we took the very first day he was born) when I showed to my friends, they were like.."wow is so cute, he looks like a 2month old!!" SO now when my DH and I go out and see little newborns, Im like, "ahhww." I am having that itch to have another one. My DH was ready like 6 months ago. We wil probably start again after the summer. I know waht you mean, I MISS IT TOO!


sahmof3 - February 2

I know what you mean cae. Mine were 9 lbs. 5 oz., 8 lbs. 3 oz. and 10 lbs. 6 oz.... not too small. My new little niece was tiny enough to have her first bath in a mixing bowl LOL. I really love how tiny she is... I feel like I missed out on truly having a newborn.


ash2 - February 2

Aww, i miss that age too. They slept all day ! I loved it ...i loved it when they would automatically sleep in your arms whenever you held them.....ahhh the memories !


jessb - February 3

I know!!! My baby is going to be one years old in a couple of days. I cant believe it!! It makes me sad that she used to be so small and depend on me for everything and now she is so independent and doesnt even like me to pick her up and hold her b/c she wants to walk around and do things for herself. *Sniff* Does this mean I need another baby?


lexa - February 3

Oh my goodness. I think knowing that I won't have anymore babies, that I will never hold another newborn again for fear I will break down! Oh, sahmof3, that's funny you say you "birthed 1 month olds". I was a big baby with a ton of hair when I was born and when my mom was pg with my sister, my dad would say "maybe this time we'll get a newborn instead of a toddler", LOL! I don't care how big or small, they are all precious:-) But it is nice knowing that when they cry and they're not your own, you can give them back. I wish my dh would change his mind and want another one (big fat chance).


BriannasMummy - February 3

sahmof3.. you made me giggle with your "i guess i birthed 1 month olds". Youre such a funny girl. Its even more hilarious because today when my sister and i took our dds to the mall .. people asked us if they were twins. We had to explain that her baby was 1 week old.. and that my dd was 8 weeks old. My sis had a 9lbs 5oz baby.. and I had a 6lbs 4oz baby. They truely are about the same size.. the difference is .. her baby looks acts like a 1 week old baby.. and Ka__sidy acts like an 8 week old baby. Funny! ~Kristin~


JenniferB - February 3

My baby was 4 pounds 14 oz. He is the smallest baby I have ever held. My first baby was almost 9 pounds so I was unprepared for such a peanut.


spamanda - February 3

hahahhaahhhaahahah. We just went and visited friends who have a brand new baby. Our son is about 4 mos, and he was born 9 lb. 5 oz. Their daughter was born at 7 lbs., and of course lost weight right away. Anyways we're chatting and my husband says "wow, i can't believe ds was ever that small" and i just hooted and said "well, that's because he wasn't ever that small outside of me!" lol It's funny the different sizes of all our babies. I'm already wanting #2 too, must be hormonal because rationally I do NOT want to be pregnant right now, oh well, maybe ina few years.


HannahBaby - February 3

I know wht you mean, my son was 9lbs and my daughter was 5 lbs so when my son was born i was like "this isnt mybaby this is someones 2 month old!!!" Hes almost 4 months and is tiny now for his age. I miss the new newborn days but look forward to every single stage that is ahead. I thought that i was going to have a breakdown when hannah turned 2 but i find every single day more fulfilling as the last. It just keeps getting better and better.



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