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CarolA - April 16

When can i take my baby swimming? well not really swimming, but splashing?? We were thinking about going to the coast towards the end of the summer, like late august, or early sep. (i live in texas, it'll be hot still) and by then my son will be 5-6 months. Is that too soon to take him in the water? Im a really laid back mom so i normally wouldn't ask, but i know there are lots of things in the water that can make him sick, have you other moms taken your babies to the beach around that age? my mom took me at 4 months. Is it ok?


jensenc - April 16

By 6 mo you can take them in the pool but thats cuz of chlorine.


Erin1979 - April 16

As long as you do not put his head under the water, I don't see that it's a big deal.


Chelle - April 16

I asked my daughters ped about this when she was 6 months old. She said it's fine to take them to the beach and pool at that age. She also said that the biggest danger is sand b__wing in their eyes, so bring an umbrella or some other kind of protection from the wind.


C - April 16

Before 6 months they can't control their body temperature as well as we can so just make sure she doesn't get too cold in the water. Be careful in the sun. Nothing is worse than an infant with a sun burn.


HannahBaby - April 17

i took my daughter in a heated pool at a hotel for about 20 mins when she was 3 months. Then i took her in the pool all summer when she was 5,6,7,8 months. she loved it.


kris Al. - April 18

My first baby was born in Hawaii, and was raised on the beach... the twins were born in San Diego and also on the beach by just a few months old... I always asked the lifeguards about the jellyfish - a problem on Oahu, not so much San Diego... the lifeguards will know the condition of the water, - if there are riptides or strong currents or water drops not visible, so you can steer clear. Other than that the common sense tips you already know about - sunscreen, wind protection, and a little hat for his head!! :) A traveling playpen covered with a sheet works great for when he's tuckered out and you still want to soak in some sun! keeps him cool and safe from b__wing sand, sun and wind.


sarahbaby11 - April 19

your son should be fine. i lived in florida for the first year of my daughters life and we spent many days at the beach...in the water and in the sand. the only thing is make sure that he is well covered. a t-shirt and shorts or onesie and shorts and that everything not covered is coated in sunscreen. remember that the water magnifies the effect oif the sun which i am sure you know being from texas. also take breaks and sit in the shade with him and let him warm up. other then that have a great time and take lots of photos. especially when he touches sand the first time. the face will be priceless.



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