Swimming Lessons

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MelissaK - March 7

My LO will be 6 mo on the 12th. Tommorrow she has her first swim lesson. Anyone do this with such a young baby before? Any tips?


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 7

I don't know alot about it, but I am intrested to find out...sorry I'm not much help tho


MelissaK - March 7

I have a huge pond in my backyard (it's on a golf course). So we figure let's start the swim lessons asap in case of god knows what when she is walking!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 7

Yeah I completely understand...I know there is one program, don't know what its called but the teach them to float for a while and make crying noises. I found it on this site and I can't remember what its called. I do although think it is a good idea. Especially if there is a pond. They posted a video and it was so sad, I cried...valuable but sad


meg - March 7

I did this w/ my ds when he was 6 months old. We took a cla__s at the YMCA. He was the youngest in the cla__s (the other kids were about 18 months), we worked on kicking his legs & using his arms. He also learned how to b__w bubbles (that was his favorite thing!) He also enjoyed jumping off the side of the pool & going "splash." The older kids would go under, but I couldn't do that. Every time I came close he'd gag on water. Mostly we did the swim cla__s just to get him used to water. He absolutely loved it! I keep planning on signing up for another one, but we seem to be too busy all of the time. As long as she likes her baths, I would think that she would love swimming.


Krissy25 - March 7

I use to be a swim instructor so i am teaching my daughter myself. She is only 7 months but we have been going to the Y since she was about 5 months and mostly we play around and splash a little bit. I figure at this point just getting her to be comfortable with the water is good for now and as she gets older i'll teach her more. I don't know where you are signed up at but i a__sume it's like a mommy and me type of cla__s. Just have fun and enjoy it then your dd will know that the water is not something to fear.


blueb__terfly - March 7

I started to take my ds to the pool at 7 weeks old. I had to get him a wetsuit so it wasn't too cold, but he absolutly loved it. I had him in swim lessons at 4 months old, and he loved that too. He is 9 months old now, and his favorite time is bath time, he goes bonkers when I pour the bath and he loves the swimming pool. So i'd say it's definately not too early to start. The only thing I did when he was young was take baby wash to the pool, and I would wash him off in the shower afterwards to get the chlorine off him. I did that just so he wouldn't get any skin reactions, but it never bothered him, and now I just wait until I get home to wash him.


IrinaZ - March 7

We just went yesterday for our first cla__s. My son is 8,5 mo and LOVES bath, but he wasn't too crazy about the pool. He was like a koala bear clinging to me. He was a bit cold, maybe I should get him a wetsuit.


DDT - March 7

Yes, my ds went for his 1st swimming lessons at 6 months. He loved the water! The entire "lesson" (if you can call it that) lasted 30 mins and it involved kicking, dunking under the water, floating ect. It really is a chance for babies to get used to the water. The next level starts at 18 months and my lo will be enrolled in that this summer.


HeavenisMine - March 7

Wow, I had no idea they did it this young! I will definitely look into that and perhaps share some tips if I find any.


docbytch - March 8

DH will be in charge of this. Both of his kids swam very early under his direction...like one year of age? My boy LOVES bathtime...he is a water baby...just like mommy and daddy. I do note that daddy will sit at the edge of the tub and let Derek just splash around (hes in an infant tub for babies 6-12mos) whereas I tend to keep a hand on Derek at all times. Just makes me nervous otherwise.


mom2dayus - March 8

Go to infantswim.com it has a video showing a baby that has learned how to swim. I bawled my eyes out watching it. I guess cus I am so emotional right now after just having my lo 27 dyas ago.


TiffanyRae - March 8

we live in hawaii so water is in abundance...we first started bring ds into the water at three months...and then at four we started swimming lessons. he has been going almost every week now for three months! he LOVES the water so its perfect. we alternate between ocean (really safe lagoons), salt water pool, and chlorine pool. its fun!


TiffanyRae - March 8

oh and of course....LOADS AND LOADS of sunscreen and protective gear is used!!!!


MelissaK - March 20

Hey - I never followed on this with ya'll. This went GREAT!! We have had 2 lessons so far. I could not believe the last lesson! She went all the way underwater!! No crying - just a little confusion. And all of a sudden, bath time has become fun-time for her and we make sure to run water over her head and in her face now with each bath - the instructor advised this. Anyway, back to the swim lesson. There was one point where the instructor brought out a hoola hoop, and she put it in the water and all the babies held on and we sawam in a circle siging "Ring Around the Rosie". I almost cried!! It was so sweet. Anyway, by the end of the 6 week course, we will leave the baby UNASSISTED for 3-5 seconds in the water! I highly recomend this, it's been great!



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