Swimming Lessons

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ds1970 - March 6

I am interested in signing my son (13 months old) up for swimming lessons, but our local Y does not seem to offer them for babies. Does anyone know if there are special classes to sign up for? Or is 13 months too young to be even thinking about this? He really seems to enjoy water and is not afraid of it at all. He has a ball at bath time, and is unfazed by water on his face or even in his eyes. Any thoughts?


LisaB - March 6

Our Y offers swim cla__ses but I haven't signed ds up yet(hes almost 16 months) If your Y doesn't offer cla__ses you can still take your ds and introduce him to the water and get him used to it. This past summer my ds was not a fan of the public pool but he LOVES his bath so I say the younger the better.


Aussie Beck - March 6

I have been taking my dd to lessons since she was 9 months old. She is now 14 months and absolutely loves the water. Our cla__s has babies ranging in age from about 4 months up to about 2 years old. I agree with LisaB - the younger you start them the better. I have seen lots of Mums bring their older babies/toddlers to cla__s and all they do is cry and cling to their mum the whole time. Most of the mums never come back after their lo has done that. Our cla__s is great, we sing songs and get them to kick and splash and learn about grabbing onto the side of the pool for safety. I'm sooo glad we started lessons and I highly recommend it. If you don't have baby cla__ses near you, I still urge you to take your ds to the pool anyway. : )


MM - March 6

I am going to sign my son up in a few weeks for swimming. He'll be almost 5 months but I've already taken him swimming... I think the first time I took him was when he was at or just over 3 months old. The pool I took him to has a warm pool too so it is good for babies. I looked up recreation centres in my city on google.


ash2 - March 6

Yeah, i would just go with your cities recreation centers. They usually have better stuff. If your wanting to get him involved with something try tumbling ?


HANNAHs Mom - March 7

Usually the Y does offer a Water Babies cla__s for mom/dad and baby for 6m to 24m. I just signed up for one! :) They are a blast for parent and baby! If your Y dosen't offer one, try calling other healthclubs or community indoor pools in your area...one is sure to offer it. GL



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