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Christy - December 9

So, how much time in the swing is too much? Ben has been really getting into his swing lately, so I have been plopping him in there a couple time a day for 30-45 minutes at a time. Unless he fusses, then it is less. It has a mirror and circling birds/critters above it and he just loves staring at himself and the critters. Anyway, what do you all think?


ally - December 9

I put my daughter in hers for around 10 to 15 mins if that, cause it has 2 speeds and one is too slow and the second speed is quite fast, well she loves it. To me 30 to 45 mins seems like quite alot but thats just my opinion.


Heidi - December 9

I put Emma in hers and she falls asleep within minutes so I just let her go and usually turn it off and let her sleep in there in the reclined position. I figure if she's happy in there why not let he stay in there? I put her in her bouncy seat all the time and do my housework and she watches me and is very content. If she fusses I take her out of course and I spend a lot of time holding her too.


FF - December 9

My son spends quite a bit of time in his swing. He naps in it (most of the time) during the day for about 10-20 minutes at a time. He also sits there and watches me do the dishes, clean the living room, etc. He just learned to play with the toy bar in front of him so he's really enjoying it. And of course he gets plenty of holding and cuddles. I'm sure you aren't putting your son in for too long Christy :)


Tami - December 10

Hey, don't worry! Just trust your own instincts. My little girl has actually spent the night in her swing-not all night of course but a couple of hours! She owuldn't sleep anywhere else, and I need my sleep as well-that's how I feel. If she is happy in it, then that's where she will remain.


Mama2wanna - December 10

Swing as much as you like! My son absolutely loved the swing. I figured, why not? He's 4 now and just fine so I don't think this will hurt anything!


C - December 10

I don't think 30-45 minutes is excessive. As long as you are stimulating him in other ways and he's not always in the swing. My son hated his swing.


Christy - December 10

The swing is a newer activity he's been liking, He could like it one day and hate it the next before. I think 1-2x/day is not a big deal, but was worried that I was keeping him in it too long.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 10

My son takes 2-3 30-45 min catnaps in his swing. He will not take them in his crib. It seems fine to me if it makes him happy.


Shelly - December 10

Jesse takes 3x a day a 20-30 min nap in his pack n' -play,then in late afternoon he sleeps 2-3 hours in his cradle swing,and at night he sleeps through the night in his crib.


lisa - December 10

what kind of swings do you have? is it the battery opperated ones? Im thinking of getting one but do they work? Jasmin never wants to get out my arms


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 10

I have the linkadoos swing. It does take batteries. It took some time for Lucas to like it. He was about 8-10 weeks old. But I wish I had gotten one like the papason one that sort of cradles them. I think it would be more comfortable. I wish I had investigated a little bit more. I found the travel swing to be more cozy for the newborn size, he fit better til he got older and had betetr head control. Lucas still only goes in it a few times a day for catnaps.


Mama2wanna - December 11

I have a full size Graco battery kind. It has been great, as it made it through my son and 4 neices and nephews and now it is being used for the baby my sister-in-law watches during the day. You might try switching him between a swing and a exersaucer or bouncy chair or the like. My son kinda did the rounds while I did my chores. Laundry waits for no child!! Good luck!


Christy - December 11

I have the Fisher Price Nature's Touch cradle swing. Like I said, some days he loves it and others he wants nothing to do with it. I really like it b/c it can swing front-back and side-to-side, has a bunch of different sounds/music, is a nice neutral color, and has a playbar, and an overhead miror, litle birds and b___terflies that keep him occupied. So cute!


Cora - December 11

My 6 week old daughter loves her swing, and typically takes her morning nap in it, for 1-2 hrs. And as I type she is sleeping in her swing and has been for the past half an hour. I have the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders swing, that also swings side to side or front to back. It's great, and has been a god send, so I can get my house work done during the day.



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