Switch Nipple Flows Please Help

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coco797 - March 27

This may be a stupid question, but I don't know the answer to it. DD is 3 months and still using the Avent slow flow nipple. She's mostly bf but gets bottles while I am at work. She eats so fast, she gulps down her milk whether from the bottle or br___t. Should I switch her to a medium flow nipple? or even a fast one? I was putting it off because she already eats so fast I thought the milk might come too fast. But she has gas, and I was wondering if switching to a faster nipple would help with that. My milk comes out fast too so maybe teh slow flow bottle nipple is making her swallow more air cause she's trying to suck like she does on my br___t. idk.....someone plese give me some advice


coco797 - March 27

OMG I just looked on the Avent website and she is using flow rate 1 for newborn and b___st fed babies!! C___p! She is almost 3 months!! If i switch should I get the next one up for 1+ months or got two up to 3+ months? will going 2 up be too much of a change?


ahay - March 27

COCO--If she chugs her milk on the slow nipple for newborns---the holes only get bigger as you go up in size. So that would mean that she will be really gulping fast then. I would keep her on the slow nipple


alisonelecia - March 28

I switched to size 2 Avent nipples around 3 months. I was mostly bfing, but she got bottles during the day while I was gone. Like you, my milk came out super fast and she would get frustrated with the bottles because she had to work too hard. The size 2 were a perfect solution. I would say buy a pack of the size 2 nipples (come in a 2-pack and is only a few $), try them out for a day or two and see if she's better. GL.


Malica - March 28

Unless your baby is complaining (when very hungry, she'll take a few sips than cry a bit then take some more than cry some more because they are hungry and just can get it fast enough), I wouldn't switch just yet. If she's already gulping down the formula she may gag on the level two nipples. On the other hand, you will eventually need the level 2 nipples anyway so as long as you're careful you could try it out. If she gags too much just switch back. (BTW, all babies get gas -- it's not just from swallowing air but also from their immature digestive system)


ahay - March 28

alison--I think you read her post wrong. She said her baby is drinking the milk too fast with size one nipples. IF she switches her to size 2 then she will drown herself/


lisarenee - April 3

I would stay on slow flow


Cathy2 - April 4

I was bfeeding and kept my baby on slow flow until 4.5 months...she wasn't complaining and my flow was slow also...



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