Switching Formula But Dr Says NO Help

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Dia_ - July 1

Hi ladies. My ds is 2.5 weeks old, and like so many infants, has horrible gas. It is so bad that he screams through every feeding and it takes about 1.5 hours just to feed him. He has also vomited his entire bottle up twice in the last 4 days and he is having a difficult time sleeping because of the pains. He even wakes up to scream through passing gas. I feel so bad for him! I am currently on Enfamil Lipil with Iron. I spoke with my doctor about this about a week ago and she said to not switch formulas and gave me gas drops. They aren't helping at all! I work his legs in the bicycle motion and that does help, but not very much. I am thinking about switching to Enfamil Gentlease...should I do that even though my doctor said not to switch yet? I also heard about the recall in February on that brand...any opinions on that?? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!


jas - July 1

I would switch to the Gentlease... I had the same problems - gas drops did dookie - the Gentlease was wonderful after a few days!!!! The recall was on a particular lot number - I have not had a problem with my little one on it. He is 3 months now and has been on it for about 2 months now. Your doctor might have been thinking about switching brands - some think switch brands causes more gas problems, but switching types within the same brand (Enfamil with iron, Enfamil Gentlease, Enfamil AR, etc) is not as big a deal.... My little one goes back and forth between the AR (for spit up) and Gentlease due to the stupid commissary does not carry one or the other all the time. My little one does not have a problem with switching between the two... Good luck!


nic nac - July 1

Did your doctor give you a reason why you shouldn't switch? It takes 2 weeks for a formula to get acquainted with a baby's system and you have pa__sed that time frame. Some doctors say to wait a month before switching. Enfamil lipil is a strong formula to start with IMO, gentlease is good or nestle good start. My lo ended up on good start after trying different formulas the dr. recommeded but didn't work and she is doing super on good start. I was also aware of the recall but had switched brands prior to the recall, I believe they still have the recall info. on the enfamil website. If you are going to switch you can either go cold turkey or gradually do it by subst_tuting one bottle a day of the old with the new and increasing the new by one bottle each day while taking away the old. When I switched my dr. had me use pedialyte to help get rid of the old formula.


Nerdy Girl - July 1

It sucks, but you need to troubleshoot this in steps so you are not switching too many things at once and then not knowing what is actually helping him or hurting him. My son had similar problems his first couple of month of life. We ended up with gas drops, Gentlease, and Dr. Brown's bottles. Since your ped is saying to wait to switch formula, maybe keep using the gas drops and try your current formula with the Dr. Brown's bottles. They have a little tube in the center to eliminate the bottle air. Also, frequent burping during the feeding really helped my son. We would be burping the poor kid after every ounce or two.


Dia_ - July 1

Hi girls!! DH is on his way to buying the Gentlease now. I have also been trying different types of bottles to see what works best and I always stir the formula. I have got the Dr. Brown bottles and I do like them. I am not really sure why my doctor doesn't want me to switch. She is a new doctor and is still in her "clinical" stage and I really don't think she understands a lot of this stuff. She goes 100% by the book on stuff and babies are definitely NOT by the book people :) I like my doctor, but sometimes I think she gives inexperienced advice. We are military, so we don't have much choice in caregivers! For instance, my doctor prescribed gas drops for us to pick up so they would be free...but her instructions were to give him 40 grams versus the 20 newborns are supposed to have. I just think she is still making some mistakes because she looks everything up on the computer ~ kinda scary!!! Thanks a ton ladies! I think we are gonna cold turkey it since it is still in the Enfamil family...do you think that would be okay?


Nerdy Girl - July 1

Normally I would not recommend going cold turkey with switching formulas, but if the gas is THAT BAD, could anything really make it worse? Regarding the gas drop dosage - my pediatrician is very experienced (not in her clinical phase) and she recommended giving my newborn son the higher dose because he was not responding to the newborn dose. I am not sure about the 20 gram vs. 40 grams measuring quant_ty because the drops we have are in mL. Newborns are supposed to get .3 mL and children over 2 are supposed to get .6 mL. We were giving our son .6 mL with each feeding from the time he was about 3-4 weeks old till he was almost 5 months old.


HannahBaby - July 1

My daughter was so bad at around 5 weeks old. I was going through so much gas drops it was ridiculous. My doctor told me not to switch formulas, but i did anyway. I took her off of Enfamil with iron (the devil as i call it) and put her on Nestle Good Start. I subst_tuted one bottle everyday until they were all good start and you wont believe me but in a week, i had a TOTALLY different baby. I told my doctor that i switched and she was 100000% better. I will never use that infamil with iron c___p again


punkin01 - July 1

Hi Dia.....i hope your baby tolerates the new formula with ease.....as for the gas drops my ped put it to me like this and made me feel better she needed more gas drops to releive the gas pain better and it was ok to give the .6 ml dose because unlike tylenol the gas drops dont go through the blood stream they just go to the tummy and break down the gas bubbles that is causing lo painand discomfort so the larger dose is needed after a while hope this makes u feel better


melissa g. - July 2

Enfamil with Lipil made made my dd cry for 2 hrs straight one night after being on it for only a week -- I took her off it immediately and put her on Nestle Good Start and she has been a happy little pumpkin ever since! It seems like lots of peds suggest the Enfamil like crazy, do they get kickbacks or something??????


Cat - July 3

It might be worth looking into reflux, he has signs. I hope it's not tho, my youngest has it and it's hard. There's info and a forum on this site: http://www.infantrefluxdisease.com/forums/


Cat - July 3

BTW, I don't think gas is listed as a sign on that site, but I've seen it on others. My son had horrible, painful gas...also grunting and straining. (among all the other more typical signs.)


Cat - July 3

Another site: http://www.infantreflux.org/user_signs_symptoms.htm Take out the hyphens, except between "user","signs", "symptoms".


acrone - July 3

I had the same problem with Enfamil. I switched to Goodstart, use the already mixed, it cuts down on gas and I use the playtex nursers with the latex nipple. She is great now The gas drops didnt really work when the gas was really bad. try these things it took me 4 weeks to find something that worked i heard it is like that for almost everyone.



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