Switching Formulas

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mizliz - April 27

Anyone else had to switch formulas? It is so stressful!! First my baby was on Carnation Good Start but he was EXTREMLY gassy. I tried EVERYTHING, gas drops, collapsible liners, warm baths, lay him on tummy and pat his back , burp every ounce and nothing worked. So the doctor said to put him on Soy Carnation Good Start, So I gave him one bottle and he threw it all up! So I stopped giving him that and I put him on Isomil without telling to doctor yet. He's been on Isomil for 2 days and let me tell you , that stuff works wonders! I'm so glad I got him off that Carnation Bad Start! hehe


YC - April 27

Hi mizliz, I agreee switching is kind of a pain. My story is just the opposite. My baby had tons of tummy issues so she was on Nutramigen and we weaned her off of that at 10 weeks and on to Good Start. That was about 8 weeks ago. I love Good Start and it is sooo much cheaper. Isn't it funny how all our little ones are soooo different. Good luck with the Isomil. I am glad that is it working so well.


nic nac - April 27

mizliz my dd was on soy and it was horrible so we switched her to goodstart and it has worked wonders. now i don't even need the gas drops. it is a pain to switch but you gotta do what you gotta do. if it works then just tell the doctor that soy didn't work and isomil does. btw, soy isn't good anyway. give the isomil at least 3 weeks before making sure it works well cuz it takes that long to get used to. it also takes about 3 days for the old formula to get out of their systems. glad to see its working so far. hope it stays that way.


HannahBaby - April 28

Sorry, my daughter was like a different baby when we switched her to good start....she was enf c fe (enfamil with iron) and she was so fussy and ga__sy and the carnation worked wonders for me.


Leahp - April 28

hey nic nac, what have you heard bad about soy, my baby girl is on it, and I wanted to switch once I heard some controversy over soy formula, but when I tried to switch her to milk-based she threw up everywhere, I couldn't handle watching her go through that! so she is still on soy.


C - April 28

How old is your baby? My son seemed ga__sy for the first 6 weeks from my b___stmilk but after that he was fine. I actually stopped b___stfeeding for 24 hours and gave him goodstart. The gas was gone but he was so upset that he couldn't nurse that I said that he'd be a ga__sy nurser. Then all of a sudden he was fine at 6 weeks.


Cora - April 29

Nic nac,....Isomil is a soy formula.



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