Switching Formulas HELP

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maryann - January 14

My son had his 2 mo appt yesterday and was switched from GS to Isomil Soy due to fussiness, spit up and gassiness. I started him on Isomil as soon as we got home, but he seems even worse today. For those of you who switched formulas, did you do it gradually or right away? How long should I wait to see if he is doing better on Isomil? I'm so frustrated because this is the 4th time I've switched formulas and I can't handled seeing my son feeling so uncomfortable. I want him to be a happy baby!!! Help!


infamil - January 14

i had to switch formulas three times and i did do it right away. the last one is infamil nutramigen and my baby is very happy w/ this one.


tiffani - January 14

My kids all switched formulas without a problem. I did it right away, not gradually. Of course, my kids also didn't have any stomach upset that waranted a switch. :o)


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 14

I had to switch because my son was allergic to soy. Usually docs recommend trying the new formula for 2 weeks before switching again, but if he is not responding to anything, and you have tried so many different formulas, ask about a hypoallergenic one. Similac makes alimentum and nutramigen is by the other company. They do not have milk or soy, and can easily be broken down by baby in the digestive track. My son is on alimentum and I saw vast improvements upon switching him within a few days. My son also has acid reflux and takes zantac. I have to put cereal in his bottles for it as well. The combo of all three help tremendously.


maryann - January 14

How can we tell if they are allergic to soy? I just switched to Isomil because his ped said to, but now I'm wondering if I should have switched to the milk based formula-lactose free before going to soy. This is so difficult, because every baby is different and have different reactions to different formulas.


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 14

A lot of times you have to go thru the milk and soy for some time to realize both are not working. I had my son on soy from the start, and was told that soy allergic babies are almost always allergic to milk ones as well, so we just went to the next available choice. I have had no issues with the hypoallergenic formula other than it is expensive. Its just wait and see, process of elimination. Lucas was having mucousy, explosive, very frequent poops, and had a face rash and lots of gas and spitting up. After we switched to the alimentum, those symptoms disapeared, so we had to a__sume he was allergic to soy. There is really no test for it.


momma - January 14

when i switched from enfamil to parants choice I alternated bottles old-new-old-new ect for the about 2 days good luck


Lisa - January 14

i also switched my daugter to soy milk....we also did it right away. she slowly got better....also i used infant gas drops whitch seems to help. you can get them over the counter and they have for his age on it.


amanda.d - January 14

get him off the isomil, soy beans cause excess gas, try similac lf made my sona whole new baby.



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