Switching To Cow S Milk

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Damiens Mom - May 5

hi, my son is 8 months old and i'm just wondering how old your babies were when you decided to switch from nursing or formula to cows milk?


hello - May 5

They have to be one and i am interested too as my daughter is soon to be one and i have no idea how to make the transition... One of my friends sees a better health nurse than me, more informative and she is introducing her son to it in his breakfast.. her son is now ten mths so i am curious to find out too


Rabbits07 - May 5

I have always been told by my pediatrician not to even introduce cow's milk until after they turn one year old. He said their digestive system is not able to properly digest it until after this time and if introduced too early it is more likely to cause allergies. Some doctors may say different as I've noticed they often have different opinions. I always introduced it to mine by first replacing one nursing with milk...and then another...and so on.


luvmyboys - May 5

I have always started introducing it at nine months and by ten months, my kids are done with bottles. It's always worked fine and I've never had any problems.


Maggie - May 5

I'm with luvmyboys. It really depends on your baby's size and tolerance for other foods. My ds was a great eater, and taking poly-vi-sol vitamins at 9 months and he weighed almost 30 pounds. I started introducing milk then (with my pediatricians ok of course), and had him completely off formula by the time he was 10 months. My ds is 5 now and has a stomach of steal and no food allergies. My 3 month old dd is allergic to milk, so she will have to wait until after her first birthday because she will be put on a milk-free diet selected by a nutricianist. Always ask the doctor before changing anything to be on the safe side.


jorden - May 5

my son was 9 months old when i introduced milk. I started it in sippy cups and now he drinks it reguraly. He's almost 11 months now and he's done fine from day one. But he's done great with everything though. He has been eating all table food since 9 months(still had formula) but he's had teeth since he was 3 months old. But just my input on things :) good luck


xXx-Lesley-xXx - May 5

Cows milk can cause internal bleeding.


Steph - May 5

When my daughter was 11.5 months old, I started mixing half formula half whole milk. Once she turned one, she was drinking only cows milk.


kimberley - May 8

OK...I have had 4 babies, and this is how I did it. From 6 months I started mixing their cereal in the mornings with a bit of cows milk......As that way it is introducing it...o you can see if there is any reactions. I continued this plus at about 9 months I used to give drinks of milk during the day in their sippy cups. By 12 months all of my babies were eating 3 square meals a day, so I ceased formula, and used to give cows milk in the morning when they first woke up, arvo nap time, and 1 at bed time. You could also introduce home made custard at around 9 months too. Mixing formula with cows milk is NOT an option, as formula needs to be mixed with water, other wise you can dehydrate your baby, When you do the swap over, no need to do 1 bottle of cows milk 1 of formula...if your baby is eating enough solids to sustain him/herself than cows milk can be started at 12 months. When mixing xereal with cows milk for the first few times, keep an eye on your baby for any reactions...if there is none, you are safe to say they wont have any reactions to dairy :) Hope this helps.


Rabbits07 - May 8

The following was pasted from an article at babycenter.com: There are several reasons to delay the introduction of cow's milk until your baby reaches his first birthday. Most important, a baby's digestive system can't digest cow's milk proteins. Cow's milk also has too much sodium, pota__sium, and chloride, which can tax your baby's kidneys. Even if his system could handle it, cow's milk doesn't have all the vitamins and minerals (especially vitamin E, zinc, and iron) that he needs for growth and development in his first year. Giving a baby cow's milk could even cause iron deficiency and internal bleeding. And it can increase his risk of an allergic reaction. You can access this article at www.babycenter.com/refcap/baby/formulafeed/1334703.html


Rabbits07 - May 8

remove the dashes, of course.


Steph - May 8

Actually mixing cow's milk with formula IS an option as you mix four ounces of formula as you normally would with WATER and THEN add the cow's milk.


kimberley - May 9

True Steph :) I took it as using milk instead of water...oops.



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