Switching To Formula

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cle - March 28

I'm thinking about switching to formula .. Problem is I have no idea how to do it (as silly as that may be!) My daughter will only be a month old in a few days and I have to go back to work soon and I tried pumping today and I just do not have the patience to pump .. She feeds about every 2 hours or so .. so do I just supplement a feeding here and there with formula? how many ounces should I feed her? I have to bring her to the dr's next week for her 1 month check up and I was planning on asking the doc but anyone able to help me out sooner?


DANI - March 28

cle, I did the same thing and it was pretty easy for me. What I did was introduce 1 oz. of formula for the first day and increase it by the ounce every few days until my little one reached 6 oz's. I was exclusively b'feeding him for about 10 weeks before I introduced him to formula/ the bottle and he did great! I used Dr. Brown's bottles and I swear by them, and they help with colic, ga__siness, and spit up problems. Good luck and I hope this helps......btw, I used Enfamil formula and the one that says mimics b___st milk on the can.


jb - March 28

Hi cle, I switched my dd to formula at about 4 weeks old also. I mixed a 4oz bottle for her and she took it very well. She now (6 weeks old) takes 4oz on a regular basis, but there are a few times she is hungry and takes 1-2 ounces more. Just look for the cues. You will be happy to know that your daughter will sleep a bit longer at night time because it takes longer for the formula to digest. My daughter slept through the night one time already (it was wonderful!!) but more often than not she wakes about every 4-5 hours. During the day I still feed her about every 3 hours. I quit bf cold turkey and did have sore b___sts, but the soreness only laster about 2 days. You will leak for a week or so after that though, but the pain will be gone. It really isn't as terrible as it sounds. I hope that helps!


psychology - March 28

My daughter is 7 weeks and I am switching to formula. Anyone else feeling guilty about stopping to b___stfeed...I'm having a real hard time. I started to give half b___stmilk and half formula. My baby also feeds like every two hours and with my anxiety..I don't sleep when she sleeps. I am exhausted so I need to have a break sometimes. I will start giving like two bottles a day and hopefully be switched within a week...and not hurt too much, if I pump a little.


tiffani - March 28

I would try making a 4oz bottle. Let her drink as much as she wants, and if 4oz isn't enough, then make her another 2oz. Chances are she won't even finish the 4oz.'s. Remember, babies aren't like adults, they actually stop eating when they're full. :)


kimberley - March 29

My baby doesn't stop eating when full, she is 7 weeks old, and is drinking 6oz, and would keep drinking if I didn't stop her. She has put on way too much weight, but what to do??? This is my 4th baby, and I have never had a baby like her....my son at 8 weeks was drinking 7 1/2 oz 4 times a day, but he didn't gain so much weight....and would stop drinking when full. My 7 week old has 5 bottles a day, but she was 3-4 weeks early, so her drinking that much scares me, plus the health nurse always tells me off......what to do when she is screaming for more though??? She sleeps from 8pm at night until 5am in the morning, so that is 1 plus of her eating well, during the day.



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