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renee - January 18

my dd is 3 months and I am wondering if she is sick. Here is what are my concerns: she ate at 3:30 pm today and just now at 6:30 and has had alot of spit up.(she is br___tfed). So much spit up to absorb two burp clothes. She also sounds stuffy and has been sneezing alot. And I don't know if this has to do with it but she only had one bm from saturday until wed. Does this sound like anything?


krc - January 18

well, i get her congestion checked out. When ethan got around 3 or 4 months, I can't remember, I think 3, ( he's also BF ) he went from pooping a few times a day to only about every few days. The change happened overnight!!!! Now at 6 months, he poops every other day, but before he could go 2-3 days easily. I heard all babies go thru this pooping change.


ash2 - January 18

I would check about her bowel movements....b___stfed babies usually have more than 1 stool a day.


aurorabunny - January 18

That almost sounds like a food allergy but I'm a__suming since she's only 3 months there's no rice cereal or foods or anything. Any other possible allergy causers?? Just a thought...


Renea - January 19

I have to disagree on the b___stfed baby poop. My ds would go days before he would go and he was exclusively b___stfed. He would get so crabby in between. The pediatrician suggested giving him some juice each day to help his stools, that didn't help. It actually wasn't until he was on rice cereal that he became regular. He now poops 2-3 times a day and is 91/2 months old. It sound like the other symptoms are a cold. When Connley was about 2 months old, he had the same thing. Our doctor suggested using nasal drops and suctioning out his nose before each feeding. The first time I was to suction the saline out, the next time leave it in and do this throughout the day. I also had a vaporizer going in the room too. The execessive spit up is from all the "junk" she is sucking down from her stuffy nose. Another thing to try when she is sleeping is to elevate the head end of her mattress---I just stuck blankets under the mattress so that she was on a little slant. I know it is so hard to see your little ones sick. Hope she is feeling better soon.



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