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jilly01 - January 19

again she is 10.5 months, she eats everything i mean everything. she is really into eatting big people food, i know that she is not getting all she needs though so i still give her baby foods with all three meals. the diners and such. when did you make the change to straight table foods?


rl- - January 19

with my ds I waited til he turned a year old and he just did on the 11th but as long as you give formula still then she will still get alot she needs from that and I also try to make sure I serve healthy foods for his meals and for all of us as well and then I keep a few of the gerber graduates on hand for just in case....


Joanne - January 19

My ds has never had baby food - one time I fed him some just to see how he did and he acted like it was dirt! lol He has been fed regular food (except for infant cereal) since 6 months. I just started with steaming veggies, fruts, etc. and now that he's 9 months, he's eating pretty much everything we eat - we just make sure to eat healthy and it's no problem!


jilly01 - January 19

yea well thats the kicker she is on soy based milk (ped knows) cause she was not taking in formula and was not really drinkin much at all. i have been thinking about trying goats milk as well...well eat really helathy as it is and she eats what we do just not much. you should see her when we go out to eat though....she is all over everyones plate..LOL


Emily - January 19

my sister never really ate baby food. she took her formula only t night and ate off the table from the time she was 6mos. she also drank cows milk during the day at time time. Now you r dd being 10.5 months, I say start her on cows milk unless she has some sort of allergy to cows milk based formula - is that why she is on soy? My oldest was 11 mos when I decided I had enough of pumping at work. She was b___st fed, no formula and of course ate what she wanted off the table, but I got tired of pumoing and she wouldn't take formula during the day so we tried whole cows milk. She loved it and then refused to nurse at ngith or in the morning. there went my plan for weaning her over the month to avoid engorement......but at least it wasn't painful on her.....


jilly01 - January 19

We have tried to add cow's milk but it curdles in her tummy. she can do yogurt and pudding so it's more of tolelerance then anything and my ped has me keep trying to add milk off and on to get her on it.



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