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Erin1979 - March 26

When did everyone start giving their babies "food"? My daughter eats baby food, but I'm not sure when and what I should start to give her from the "table"?! My mom had said mashed bananas, toast, cheese....I'm a little nervous though. Any suggestions?


jg - March 26

My boy was about 7 months before I started giving him "solid" food - he had mashed food before that, but at 7 months i started cheese, and now at 9 months am trying bread (thinly cut) and other "finger" foods. It's hard to know what to do when, but I think if you try something for a couple of days and it's too hard, give it a couple of weeks or so and try again. At 7 months, if your daughter is going well with her eating, you could try the things your mum suggested, just make sure it's really mashed up well.


mommy716 - March 27

I was thinking the same thing, my son is 8 months old, has no teeth and I'm still feeding him baby food! I'm afraid to try him on solids!


Erin1979 - March 27

I'm just a little confused on what she can have, and how to serve it. I know no spices, b___ter, etc...dry toast? I feel so lost in this department. Should I cut off the crust? Should I shread the cheese? Oh my goodness. I feel like an idiot some times!


HANNAHs Mom - March 27

I agree...starting finger and table foods can be kinda scary. I was so nervous with my first dd. I haven't started yet with my 7-month dd. Here is a great link with some suggestions. Good luck :)


HANNAHs Mom - March 27

Take out those dreaded dashes! -


KrisD - March 27

My guy will be 7 mos this weekend. When we eat dinner, I will sit him in his high chair give him some table food. He is a slob, but loves it. Last night I threw peas on his tray and gave him a few little pieces of stuffing. Loves peas, hates stuffing. I toast bread, and cut it in strips. First time he made a face... 30 seconds later he loved it. I kept the crust on, no b___ter. I have put shredded cheese on his tray, gerber fruit puffs, a crumbled up arrow root cookie (he bites off chunks that are too big) or I give him a rice rusk - his new favorite. I just don't give him anything that I think would have too many chemicals in it (like I was tempted to let him try my chinese food... but it has MSG. JUst make sure anything is cut up very small... A banana, mashed potatoes. I've even mashed up our well-cooked zucchini and summer squash. It's so exciting! I've given him a very plain pizza crust. It all depends on whether you ds will start chomping away or gum and suck things a bit!



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